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NILE, Life Evolution by WEMADE

Wemade is a well-established gaming company with over 20 years of industry experience. In recent years, Wemade has made its presence known as a pioneer in the global blockchain industry through the development and servicing of the WEMIX blockchain gaming platform.

The next chapter in the evolution of WEMIX expands beyond a single gaming platform. The launch of WEMIX3.0 signifies the beginning of a platform-driven & service-oriented mega-ecosystem, built to function as an open-source bedrock for deployment of decentralized applications, services, and platforms by the global community.

The vision of WEMIX3.0 is to develop a decentralized blockchain haven where the lives and experiences of every individual constantly evolves as the permissionless mega-ecosystem continuously expands through future services onboarded.

The same vision is expressly realized through NILE(NFT Is Life Evolution), the native DAO-powered blockchain NFT platform of WEMIX3.0 designed as a collaborative medium for anyone and everyone to utilize in creation, facilitation, and management of various projects through trustless smart contracts. We believe in the transformative power created by collective collaboration and this is the development philosophy behind the creation of NILE.

Wemade’s participation as the main sponsor of Kiaf 2022 is an expression of our willingness to share our vision with the world. It is our open invitation to the dawning of a new platform-driven community-centric life in the Web3 era.

NILE will also showcase the first of its NFT collections, ‘London Underground Station 264 Genesis’. This NFT collection features 264 unique digital art pieces depicting two dimensional pixel-based stations that illustrate emotions rooted deep in our memory of meeting and parting with friends and family.

NILE is a platform built to stimulate our lives. NILE at Kiaf will also introduce ‘Tangled’, a Web3 social network service where time is gold. Tangled incorporates a system that redefines how we consider the time spent when connecting and networking with one another through its service. Time literally becomes the most valuable resource in all interactions between community members.

Witness the infinite imagination that begins with NILE at Kiaf 2022. Experience the seamless transition from the world of today into life onboard the WEMIX3.0 mega-ecosystem.

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