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2020.9.23 – 9.27
KIM Won Geun, LIM Soo Sik, JUN Young Geun

Since its opening in May 2005, GalleryJinsun has hosted many Special and Window exhibitions intended to bring art to the public at large. Special exhibitions are designed to show the many facets of contemporary art, engaging the audience with additional programs such as workshops, seminars, and meet-the-artists, inviting you to a deeper understanding of the artists’ work.

In JUN Young Geun ’s paintings, horizontally rendered brushstrokes that appear as if they will straighten up with thick flesh seem to be a figuration of objects and a conveyance of his perceptual and emotional aspects in very tactile,

The images of mobsters KIM Won Geun has molded in sculpture are quite different from that of present-day gangsters (who are perhaps smart and look sharp).They look a bit comic, a bit ignorant, a bit inarticulate, a bit pure, and a bit childlike: they seem like outdated artifacts one might see in an analog film.

Lim Soo Sik’ work for Chaekgado(冊架圖) begin with photographing bookcases of various people. Bookcases look like same. However, books in bookcases are tremendously different depending on tastes and jobs of owners. Moreover, in a bookcase, books, writing materials and ornaments which are put by taste of owner imply various story and flexibility, which provides excellent visual elements.

59 Samcheongro, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 723 3340