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Quietly Swaying

2022. 7. 6 – 7. 15
Ha I Kyoung

Art note

Thoughts, 2022. oil on canvas, 14.5×12.4cm.

The thought of life occurs to me a lot recently.
It may be because my mother is ill.
I see her feeble, emaciated body and I miss my strong, energetic mother.
I worry about my father who stays close to care for her.

She says that she is left with no regrets after eight decades of life.
Their children are all very worried but have their own burdens of life to take care of.

Life flows like water.
What has gone by will never go by again and it’s hard to renavigate or stop it.
It just flows with no promised destination.

I have been capturing moments and feelings of everyday life on canvas, and now I feel calmer and more accepting to how life goes.
Through quietly swaying imagery of emotion, I wish to portray every moment and atmosphere that I spend with those I love.

Donghae, 2022, oil on canvas, 53×45.5cm(10F).

Gentle waves of water.
Sun diamonds by the ocean.
Paths we walk together.
Our eyes on the setting sun.
And everything that inspires.
I painted as if I was chatting with those I love.

My mind was cluttered with too many purposes in life and now it is tidier than ever.
Letting things go and being emptier, calmer.
That’s how I wish to be.

To be more like my loving parents.
And to portray slow and steady emotions, just like water.

Walk, 2022, oil on canvas, 112.1×145.5cm(80F).

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