Fragment with Dusty Light

[GALLERIES] Tang Contemporary Art

2022. 6. 4 – 7. 10
Chen Yujun, Rodel Tapaya, Marion Bataillard, Niam, Qin Qi, Wu Wei

Niam / 尼亚姆,   Second Moment of Light / ⼆度光线, Acrylic on canvas / 布⾯丙烯, 120 x 120 cm, 2022

Tang Contemporary Art is proud is announce our new group exhibi8on “Fragment with Dusty Light” opening on June 4th, 2022. We shall present excellent pieces from seven ar8sts: Chen Yujun, Rodel Tapaya, Marion Bataillard, Niam, Qin Qi and Wu Wei.

I was trying to love maQer.
I taped a sign over the mirror:
You cannot hate maQer and love form. 

Louise Glück, “Archaic Fragment”

Pure conversa8onal tones are oWen limited, as Glück said in her poem, fragmented records of the new have replaced eternal moments of the old. MaQer and form have become fragmented signs or chao8c slogans, their presenta8on altered completely within different contexts and repe88ons. The ar8sts from this show use their works to catch glimpses of live and self, presen8ng an obs8nate form of beauty through the touch of maQer and the conversa8ons of form. The regrouping of these fragmented images and textures resulted in Li Qing’s edi8ng of secular landscapes, Rodel Tapaya’s mingling of myth, life and textual tensions, Chen Yujin’s taciturn yet scopious views of life, Qin Qi’s reconstruc8on of the rules of pain8ng, Wu Wei’s sensual touch to the graWing of tradi8onal cultural percep8ons, Niam’s remodeling of scenic and color experimenta8ons, and Ma8on Bataillard’s delicate portrayal of urban delights. Together they build a new visual link from a fragmented cycle; supported by perpetual numerical documenta8ons of maQer and form, they establish visual and narra8ve principles outside the laws of disorder.

Chen Yujun / 陈彧君, Room 502 No.171225 / 502房间, No.171225 Acrylic and wood board on canvas / 布⾯丙烯、⽊板, 65 x 65 cm, 2017
Qin Qi / 秦琦, Crabs and lobsters / 虾蟹, Oil on canvas / 布⾯油画, 60 x 90 cm, 2022

Through these works, the capture and depic8on of fragments resemble the redefini8on of residual value. Their dusty light is the wisdom of a reserved mindset. Tantalizing visualiza8ons of a diaspora of fragments draw aQen8on and understanding. There is no change in either observa8on or scenery in a repeated loop, yet we s8ll strive to be that one keen observer, who blurs the boundary between capture and scru8ny. In our pursuit, these works become the undefined anchor points, providing a haven from the worldly sight we are so keen to envision.

Rodel Tapaya / 罗德尔·塔帕雅,    Remedy / 挽救,  Acrylic on canvas / 布⾯丙烯,  193 x 152.4 cm, 2021

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