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Scattered Perspective

2021.9.1 – 9. 30

Hernan Bas, Too much interested in his own affairs to pay attention to you, Acrylic and silkscreen on linen, 35.6×27.9cm,2011

In formulating the < Painting 2.0 > exhibition presented by 313 Art Project in 2020, we searched for the meaning of painting in contemporary art. We did this by re-examining American contemporary artists that exclude color and form and relive artistic and social messages in their works. The question that naturally follows is, “If the scope is not confined to painting, if the restrictions on figuration and abstraction, color and form are also released… What aspects of contemporary art can we discuss again?” With this proposition, we started exploring again.

As the title < Scattered Perspective > suggests, this exhibition does not simply explore the different perspectives between artists but is rather an experiment on the interaction that various types of works will weave in one space and the psychological connections made as a result. Through the works of artists that have expressed themselves with a focus on their perspective, we’d like to take a closer look at their aesthetic universe created.

Friedrich Kunath, Sometimes I’m Almost There, Oil on canvas, 213.3×182.8cm, 2020

How artists view the world is reflected on the materials, techniques, and expressions they use on canvas, but it’s difficult to affirm whether they create their own aesthetics while being influenced by their background, physical location, or environment. As such, it cannot be concluded that the audience facing the works will absorb the artist’s point of view as it is; therefore, when looking at different works in one space, we can expect a random intersecting effect of various points of view. This parallel structure is also established between works, and between the works and the audience.

Hernan Bas and Teresita Fernandez share a Cuban background from Miami, but the two reveal opposing style of works. While Bas unravels his paintings through storytelling based on his personal identity, Fernandez questions the psychology of vision and cognition by immersing herself in nature and history-inspired paintings and installations. Friedrich Kunath, who is scheduled for a solo exhibition at 313 in 2022, is a LA-based German artist who overwrites the warm and gloomy German romanticism on the free scenery of California, creating a unique painterly language. Meanwhile, Ena Swansea, known by her solo exhibition at 313 in 2013, currently works in New York, and Analia Saban and Julian Hoeber, introduced in a 2012 group exhibition, are continuing their work in California. They continue to expand their presence in their artistic world by experimenting with their own colors, stories, and materials. The exhibition < Scattered Perspectives > prepared by 313 Art Project is an exploration of how these physically and conceptually distant artists built their own worlds and how it will expand in the contemporary art scene going forward.

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