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Art Auction 2_Meaning is Meaningless, 91 x 116.6 cm, Ink, acrylic, gouache on arches, 2023

Gallery FM is pleased to present 《IMAGES ON THE WALL》 a solo exhibition Minsoo Bhan from October 26 to November 15, 2023.

Art Auction 3_ Image beyond Image, 91 x 116.6 cm, Ink, acrylic, gouache on arches, 2023

Bhan’s technique of expressing a crowd by drawing faces on the final shape revealed after going through the process of uncertain flow of water and ink has uncertainty in itself and is a method of revealing ‘the opacity of life’ and ‘the uncertainty of painting itself’.

낯선 성소_Still Moment, 72.7 x 60.6 cm, Ink, acrylic, gouache on arches, 2023

In his paintings, there are faces floating in a virtual reality, a virtual place and time, and these unstable faces gather together and hesitate on the path they should take. Meanwhile, Bhan’s crowds crossed rough seas, stood in long lines at famous restaurants, and sat at rock festivals and protests. In this exhibition, crowds are at museums, art fairs, and auction.

낯선 성소_The Path of Stories, 72.7 x 60.6 cm, Ink, acrylic, gouache on arches, 2023

Bhan has been working on the “ART” series since 2022, in which many people look at paintings hanging on the walls of art galleries and auction houses. What are the images they are looking at and what are they feeling?

This series began with the first feeling the artist had every time he entered the exhibition hall. With the mystical feeling of standing in a sacred place and at the same time the ‘unfamiliar feelings’ felt in the exhibited works, Bhan is interested in all the imperfections, defects, and all the emotions that can be easily shaken as a human being, and the artist begins his work from the point of view of people who easily lose their direction and are trying to find their way again, as well as all walks of life with uncertainty about the future.

Images on the Wall_One Small Piece, 53 x 45.5 cm, Ink, oil, gouache on arches, 2023

Most of this series is based on the memories the artist received at the art museum during his trip to Rome in 2013, and also contains his emotions and thoughts from the large art fairs.

Bhan expressed the theme of ‘unsympathetic sadness’ that he felt at the time in this work not only through the audience gathered in front of various works, but also through the audience who sometimes entered the works. In this exhibition, we hope you take the time to feel our everyday selves, standing in the middle between the virtual world of the work and the real world of the museum, with unfamiliar emotions.

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