All Things Must Pass


2020.9.9 – 10.17

Jason Revok SpiroLoop_small_2/20_Mint/R_1 2020 Acrylic, spray paint, and synthetic polymer on shaped canvas 152.4 cm diameter is proud to present the solo exhibition of Jason REVOK, who has been a leading force in the American graffiti scene in the late 80s, until October 17th, 2020. REVOK explores the relationship between the human hand and man-made tools. His works are created with tools of his own making, and aid him in his quest to combine mechanical precision with human error. REVOK’s most recognizable body of work, the ‘Spirograph’ series, also utilizes hand-made tools of his own invention. Giant Spirograph templates made of plywood equipped with a spray can portray the intricacies of the human mind with fascinating spirals on circular canvas and metal panels. The stator (outside ring) is fastened to the wall, while the rotor (a smaller gear that holds the can of paint) engages within the perimeter as it moves, intersecting within the canvas and combining gears of various sizes to create a plethora of infinite shapes.

Jason Revok SpiroLoop_obround_6/20_Mg/Vi/R/CY/Y/BLK 2020 Acrylic and synthetic polymer on canvas 182.88h x 294.64w cm
Jason Revok SpiroLoop_large_7/20_Mg/Vi/BLK/R/CY 2020 Acrylic, spray paint, and synthetic polymer on shaped canvas 182.88 cm diameter
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