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Busy Busy Town

2021. 8. 7 – 8. 29
Flabjacks a.k.a Ton Mak

Artist Ton Mak, who had been curious and imaginative on humans since childhood, began her career as an artist after studying anthropology in university. ‘Flapjacks’ are the artist’s other persona and a child who has been born in her imagination. Puff Ville is a very busy, imaginative city, perhaps a small town hidden somewhere in California.

Installation view

In Puff Ville, each character lives busy, busy lives along with wild animals that seem to be from a magical world and plants in unique shapes. These unordinary, yet undefined lives show how Puff Ville is filled with freedom and infinite possibilities.

The city of Puff Ville, armed with freedom, is far from traditional worldviews. Puff Villagers sometimes resemble nature, and humans. These vigorous and humorous characters in this town, sometimes represent a hybrid of parts of human culture. From the rainbow elevator, to a jelly mountain, Puff Ville is busy and busy every day filled with endless chatter and warmth.

Installation view

Gallery Stan
45, Hakdong-ro 12-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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