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Missing Mass

2021. 7. 14 – 8. 14
Leekyung Kang

UARTSPACE is pleased to announce Leekyung Kang’s solo exhibition “Missing Mass” from July 14 to August 14, 2021.

Missing mass, 2020, Mixed media on Canvas, 152 x 91.5cm

The title “Missing Mass” refers to an invisible substance in theory but could not be identified. The gap between the digital world, which began with the present world and the Internet environment, exists like “Missing Mass” but becomes an infinite space where reality is unknown. Images consisting of architectural structure, shape, and sculptural elements projecting the artist’s imagination create invisible spaces through various media such as wall painting, painting, engraving, and installation of the exhibition wall.

Installation view

The exhibition, which presents works exhibited overseas from 2018-2021 and newly produced works for individual exhibitions in Seoul, is designed with various mediums, genre combinations in modern art, and communication with the audience through art in the post-media era.

Leekyung Kang majored in Western painting at Seoul National University and completed the same major at Graduate School in 2014. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2017 and currently an assistant professor at Hope College in the United States. Participated in international exhibitions and residency in the United States and the Middle East, Collected the world’s leading schools and companies. This exhibition is the first individual exhibition in Korea since overseas exhibitions.

Installation view

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