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Landing Point

AN Gyungsu, LEE Jihyun, AHN Jisan, KOO Jiyoon, JWA Haesun, EOM Yujeong, Yuki SAEGUSA, LIM Nosik, KANG Cheolgyu, JEONG Juwon, JEONG Kyeongbin, LIM Subeom, Kohei YAMADA

아라리오갤러리 서울 1층 전시전경

ARARIO GALLERY SEOUL presents a group exhibition, entitled Landing Point, from 10 January (Wed) until 17 February (Sat) 2024. This exhibition comprehensively presents the works of 13 distinguished contemporary Korean and Japanese painters through the entire gallery space.

강철규 KANG Cheolgyu, 사냥일지 Hunting Note, 2023, 캔버스에 유채 Oil on canvas, 227 x 145.5 cm

The exhibition includes a range of artworks by established young artists including KOO Jiyoon (b. 1982), AHN Jisan (b. 1979), LEE Jihyun (b. 1979), AN Gyungsu (b. 1975), EOM Yujeong (b. 1985), LIM Nosik (b. 1989), and JWA Haesun (b. 1984), as well as the innovative works of emerging artists such as KANG Cheolgyu (b. 1990), Yuki SAEGUSA (b. 1987), LIM Subeom (b. 1997), JEONG Kyeongbin (b. 1993), JEONG Juwon (b. 1992), and Kohei YAMADA (b. 1997). Featuring artists born from the 1970s through the 1990s, Landing Point encapsulates the diverse artistic practices of a generation.

유키 사에구사 Yuki SAEGUSA, 프네우마 Pneuma, 2023, 캔버스에 유채, 펜, 템페라 Oil, pen, tempera on canvas, 41 x 41 cm

The exhibition explores the various ways these artists, who primarily work with painting, perceive and articulate the contemporary world. It contemplates the picture plane as the place where contemporary artists’ perspectives are anchored, a current landing point, and a platform to gauge the direction of future artistic endeavors.

임노식 LIM Nosik, 작업실 16 Workroom 16, 2023, 캔버스에 유채 Oil on canvas, 200 x 130 cm

The 13 participating artists all primarily use painting as their medium. They translate their experiences and senses obtained from the world into the properties of the materials and embed them within the visual world of the picture plane.

임수범 LIM Subeom, 골렘은 어디서나 살아 있어 The Golem Lives Everywhere, 2023, 캔버스에 아크릴릭 Acrylic on canvas, 130.3×130.3cm

Among these individuals who share temporal and regional similarities, each one has their own unique focus. Some concentrate on exploring the relationships between the world inside and outside their bodies, while others are deeply engrossed in experiments that overlap the realms of reality and the virtual world. Alongside those who observe the cracks in a resilient city, there are also those who remember what comes after the city’s collapse.


85 Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 03058

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