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Eunsun Park, Eunyoung Son, Changyong Shin, Heejin Jang, Kyoungtack Hong

박은선, 이중공간-존재, 2008-2024, 판넬 위에 라인테이프, 거울, 아크릴릭, 320x650cm

ARTPARK presents 《ICE CUBE》, an exhibition showcasing the unique perspectives of five artists—Eunsun Park, Eunyoung Son, Changyong Shin, Heejin Jang, and Kyoungtack Hong. The exhibition opens on June 21.

The theme of this exhibition, ‘Ice,’ symbolizes the transformation of water, which signifies artistic value and essence, and also represents human thought. ‘Cube’ denotes the social structure and framework of thinking. Based on these concepts, the exhibition aims to offer viewers new perspectives and inspiration through the creative works of these five artists. Each artist presents paintings in various themes and formats, reflecting their unique viewpoints and styles, while also integrating societal structures.

손은영, 기억의 집_큰 창문 집

Eunsun Park expresses imaginary space reinterpreted from real one, using visual tricks to blur the boundaries between the two. Her works can be shown in various forms depending on the subject’s perception and interpretation, making them more than just physical spaces. Eunyoung Son, through her ‘House of Memories’ series, blends photographs to express the emotional connection to past homes and families, known as topophilia and nostalgia, emphasizing the importance of personal and social identity formation. Changyong Shin depicts his ideals through paintings inspired by mass media. Recently he is focusing on characters in solitude and anguish, and their enjoyment of camping, which reveals inner stories. Heejin Jang pursues pictorial freedom through color and form, deconstructing and reconstructing the meanings and values of lines, planes, and colours to express freedom. Her works evolve towards a world of organically connected relationships rather than individual freedom. Kyoungtack Hong creates a sense of unfamiliarity through familiar objects, inducing tension between the artwork and the viewer. His works, seemingly simple yet complex, light yet serious, allow for dual interpretations.

신창용, RNB, acrylic on canvas, 91cmx116.8cm

These artists showcase their creative works in their own ways. The exhibtion, 《ICE CUBE》 delivers messages traversing art and society through diverse themes and formats, creating a space for communication and understanding through art.

장희진, HUE, 72x127cm, 2021

Participating artist Eunsun Park commented on the exhibition:

“Human thought is like an ice cube that must melt to change. Ice Cube represents the framework of subjective perspectives and standardized social perceptions that unconsciously form as we live. Although it seems fictional because it is invisible, it is the truth of life. When the ice cube reacts to the environment—temperature—its shape starts to change. This leads to a shift in perspective and thought, allowing us to see life and the world differently. How do we see the world? This is essentially how we perceive it. Einstein said, ‘The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.’ Art expresses a new awareness of the world and reality through the process of exploring and understanding human essence. Despite all the wisdom and convictions humans have accumulated, we still know less than we think because we only see what we want to see. Can we fully know and understand something or someone?

홍경택, Full of Love, 130x162cm, oil on linen, 2012

Artists challenge and reinterpret familiar subjects and realities with new perspectives, breaking down the rigidity, disconnection, and isolation of existing perceptions. Paradoxically, the framework of perception becomes a turning point that expands the categories of human cognitive systems, allowing us to see beyond the frame. It will continue to confront us with unknown and mysterious entities, showing how small and partial our knowledge is. If I don’t actively change my perspective, the world and I will always look the same.”

25 Samcheong-ro 7-gil Jongno-gu Seoul 03054