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환상속의 그대

High Art x VSF, “환상속의 그대”, 2021, installation view, Various Small Fires, Seoul

2021. 06. 26 – 7. 28.

Never! Time can never be stopped, yo!
Why do you hesitate?
When there’s only one choice
Now is your only chance
Here is your only

Your only place to stay
You are in a fantasy
When everything is crumbling away
You are still in a fantasy (…)

– Excerpt from the lyrics of “환상속의 그대” (You, in The Fantasy) by Seo Taiji & Boys (1992)

High Art x VSF, “환상속의 그대”, 2021, installation view, Various Small Fires, Seoul

Julien Creuzet (b. 1986 in Le Blanc Mesnil, France, lives and works in Montreuil, France) creates protean artworks incorporating poetry, music, sculpture, assemblage, film and animation. Evoking trans-oceanic postcolonial transactions in relation to multiple temporalities the artist places his own inherited past, present and future at the heart of his production. Eluding generalised narratives and cultural reductions, Creuzet’s work often spotlights anachronisms and social realities to construct objects of irreducibility. Akin to relics from the future brought ashore by an oceanic tide, Creuzet’s works materialise as amplified tokens of history, technology, geography and selves. Recent solo exhibitions include: Camden Arts Center, London (upcoming), Document, Chicago, CAN Centre d’art Neuchâtel, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Fondation Ricard, Paris, Bétonsalon, Paris. Group exhibitions include: Manifesta 13, Marseilles, Wiels Contemporary Art Center, Brussels, Museum für Modern Kunst, Frankfurt , Musée d’Art moderne de Paris, Rennes Biennale, Rennes, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Lafayette Anticipations, Paris, Biennale de Lyon, Lyon, Centre Pompidou, Paris. Creuzet is currently nominated for the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2021.

Aaron Garber-Maikovska’s (b.1978 in Washington DC, USA, lives and works in Los Angeles, USA) works are indeterminate transcripts of performative interrogations, tracing out modes of communication through compulsively kinaesthetic investigations. Improvisational in nature, these transcripts exist as somewhat inexplicable, an impossible combination of dance, lecture, comedy and ultimately painting. Driven by Maikovska’s intense but indiscriminate attention, the artist’s body is placed firmly at an intersection of efficacy and vulnerability — in one sense as a vehicle to approach new forms and ways of being — in another as a reflection of one’s subjective and real parameters. Moments of grace, elegance and finesse co-mingle with spurts of unruliness, clumsiness and illegibility. Recent solo exhibitions include: Blum & Poe, Los Angeles, USA, Massimo de Carlo, London, England, C L E A R I N G, New York, USA, High Art, Paris, France, Standard, Oslo. Group exhibitions include: C L E A R I N G, Knokke, Belgium, Nino Mier Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, Deitch/Gagosian, Miami, USA, Max Hetzler, Berlin, Germany, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, USA, Bureau, New York, USA.

Hun Kyu Kim Not Yet Titled, 2021 Pigment painted on silk 50 3/8 x 31 1/2 inches (128 x 80 cm) HKK001

Hun Kyu Kim (b. 1986 in Seoul, South Korea, lives and works in London, England) crafts poignant allegorical pictures employing an almost limitless range of historical inquiry. Vast intricate narrative universes laced with intense imagination reflect upon a post-globalized world grabbling with the effects of technological neoliberalism. Deep hierarchical structures, extreme belief systems and polemics are on full display through detailed narratives often driven by a mosaic of anthropomorphic proxies. An ostensibly fantastical world grounded in the realities of the contemporary condition, Kim’s work functions as an anomaly of sorts, that which is simultaneously illustrative and emblematic, detailed and diagnostic, cute and critical. Recent solo exhibitions include: E-Werk Museum, Freiberg, Germany, The Approach, London, England, White Conduit Project, London, England, Square Gallery, London, England, Hockney Gallery, London, England. Group exhibitions include: HIX Art, London, England, Nunnery Gallery, London, England, The Cello Factory, London, England, Crypt Gallery, London, England, Milena White House, London, England, Rum factory Bow Art, London, England.

High Art x VSF, “환상속의 그대”, 2021, installation view, Various Small Fires, Seoul

Pentti Monkkonen’s (b. 1975 Minneapolis, USA, lives and works in Berlin, Germany) work fuses disparate and even contradictory spheres of knowledge into works of art that live as monstrosities of significance. Utilising a perpetually expanding field of examination, Monkkonen manages to traverse multiple fields of research while discovering unlikely relationships and common threads. Focusing on art’s tendency towards occupying liminal spaces, Monkkonen’s work often exists in vicinity to the boundaries that separate art and everything else in the world as we know it. Recent solo exhibitions include: Schloss (with Liz Craft), Oslo, Norway, Truth and Consequences, Geneva, Switzerland, Jenny’s, Los Angeles, USA, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA. Group exhibitions include: Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China, Tanya Leighton, Berlin, Germany, Centre d’art contemporain, Annemasse, France, Night Gallery, Los Angeles, USA, Bergen Kunsthalle, Bergen, Norway, Bortolami Gallery, New York, USA.

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