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2020.9.16 – 10.30
KWON Hyunbin, BAE Byunghee, LEE KiHong, LEE HeeChun, MunMin and JANG Heejin

KWON Hyunbin

Water is a place where you can jump in at any time, but depending on the situation of the water, swimming may or may not be possible. In other words, if swimming is banned, it is also a covert sign indicating that swimming is possible on the premise of taking risks. < swimming > is pushed and rubbed blue paint drawing on canvas, imagining how much can penetrate into the imaginary water and how far back it could be.

JANG Heejin

In my eyes, many space-time images floating in the world are transformed into colors, and through my hands, they are extracted and painted with mixed tones on the screen. Therefore, my painting is in the process of establishing thinking through judgment and making it appear in color. As for each person, the color revealed in the individual’s aura is different, so for me, the art draws the motifs of the colors that exist behind the space-time and transfers them to the screen. This is how my work draws into reality, and I use color as a tool for drawing.

BAE Byunghee
LEE KiHong
LEE HeeChun

The Seo-shin Gallery has been in operation since September 1997.
It was established to provide the community with a place where creative ideas, various art forms, artists and audiences can come together, to offer a point of view that encourages vision. Through joining the planned exhibit and International Art fair, we have been helping artists to advance who are in activity in various style and genre to art market. We played the effective role of space where art collectors, artists, art aficionados alike could rendezvous and closely exchange ideas. The Seo-shin gallery continuously offer the chance to make contemporary art more familiar to the general public.

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