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Surging Scenery

2023. 7. 5- 7. 18
CHOI Hye Yeon

최혜연 CHOI Hye Yeon, 밤의 빛 1 Light of the Night 1, 131x108cm, 장지에 혼합재료 mixed media on Korean paper, 2023

CHOI Hye-yeon does not lose her own breathing in a rapidly changing world. Looking at things in a slow gaze. The reality suddenly encounters changes to emotions through experience and memory, and at this time, the landscape begins. Although there is a clear shape, the artist pays attention to the variety outside the screen. It is a shape that is accepted as her own senses rather than observation, and the scene varies depending on the contact point where the gaze stays, so the expression of the appearance is not important to the artist. Since it is to confirm her feelings, the filtered and trimmed shape remains an afterimage like a faded memory. When different properties overlap, they become lumps, and the lines that flow smoothly meet the smudging properties of the pigment and settle well on Korean paper.

최혜연 CHOI Hye Yeon, 밤의 빛 2 Light of the Night 2, 80x80cm, 장지에 혼합재료 mixed media on Korean paper, 2023

Light is found on the paper where darkness and brightness are exquisitely harmonized, or rain fills the paper. It became an unfamiliar scene when she slightly shifted her eyes to subjective but objectified realities such as shadows with unclear boundaries and vinyl covering stairs. However, it is still a landscape with a silent echo of emotion that looks at the world with a warm heart, and it is a special appearance that finally gives emotional comfort. The soft but tightly unconsciously raised brushwork shows the overlap of time. When the question of why returns to emotion, we accidentally discover things and think about life. Where are human emotions, which can be good or bad, heading to? The artist seems to have communicated with the world when painting with the hard reality behind her. The distortion of the shape is not severe yet. Based on reality, it is still progressive to accept it as it is and to look carefully. The artist’s feeling of change is bound to continue. on the premise of life.

최혜연 CHOI Hye Yeon, 초록의 덩어리 The Green Chunk,
53x45cm, 장지에 혼합재료 mixed media on Korean paper, 2023

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