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Solo exhibition, Peter Moon, Active Waiting

Peter Moon

Installation View of ‘Solo exhibition, Peter Moon ‘

The view of the stream where the late afternoon sunlight spreads like yellow paint is still clear. When the sun slowly moved toward the west mountain and released hundreds of paints one by one, it followed the movement of rocks and pine nuts in the stream, and hovered around the stream all day until my mother came, which was the clearest and most transparent time of my life.

As I have been working on my work for years with the hope that hope and life resonate in the hearts of the audience watching my work, I wanted to express “the appearance of confusion, patience, and podium finally leading to hope” in the work. In order to express the “water dynamics,” I repeatedly layer the work, spraying water several times using water-soluble paint. In addition, beyond the limits of the genre of ‘watercolor’, I have constantly studied materials for the permanence of my work. As a result, it has the inherent merits of watercolor painting, and at the same time, it has a permanence as much as an oil painting, which has become the biggest feature of my work.

“Water is the beginning and a blessing for life.”

A trickle of water mixes to create a waterway, which becomes a river, and the river leads to the ocean. Water becomes the source of life and the driving force of growth, and through circulating waiting, it leads to flourishing. It may seem stagnant, but there is light and vitality that make me rise and move within me, and the life that lives on that power… That future of prosperity, which has not yet happened at that moment, is coming to the present. This is what “active waiting” is.

I hope that this change will occur not only to me, but to all of us, just as individuals combine to create a flow rather than a drop by drop. Through that flow, I hope that it will spread, embrace, and cleanly purify the lives of individuals and communities.
■Peter Moon

Chungnyeol-ro 1733, Habuk-myeon, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do