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To Romanticize with Indecision

Monia Ben Hamouda, Andrew Birk, Anne de Vries, Michele Gabriele, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė, Bradford Kessler

July 2nd, 2024, Silicone, resin, acrylic colors, fabric, plastic, metal plaster, graphite, 155 x 50 x 50 cm (detail)

Hesitation, contradictions, and fluid paths are the central topics in which this show envelops. Incoherence, transitions, and inconsistency are interrogating the possibilities of working and making art without finding ‘your own voice’, or looking at things without fear; to embrace contradictions in our practices, as a need and necessity within the creative process and in the growth of an artist’s work. Artists sometimes need to face things without the fear of not looking like themselves, whether this is related to the formalization of works or to less visible and easily decipherable aspects of the work.

Installation View at Cassina Projects

Under the burden of those topics, the show is made by different, multiple, even incoherent artworks by artists that know too well how to phagocytise several aesthetics, needs, and imageries to create a nuclear language, rich in facets but sharp in formalization. The exhibition aims to disrupt traditional frameworks and encourage artists to venture beyond the confines of self-imposed system-imposed limitations.

The six participating artists navigate these thematic landscapes with fearless resolve, confronting their creative processes without the fear of deviating from perceived norms. To Romanticize with Indecision challenges the notion of artistic identity, urging artists to engage with their work in a manner that transcends preconceived notions of self-expression. Through a diverse array of media and techniques, it showcases the multifaceted nature of contemporary art, presenting a unique perspective on the complexities of artistic creation.

(Text by Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele)

Cassina Projects
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