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The 4th Solo Exhibition : REST

Choi Myeong-jin

Artist Myeong-jin Choi was selected as the best artist at the KIDARI GALLERY’s 5th Ki-ttok Exhibition, a contest to discover and nurture new artists in 2018, and has been working steadily as an exclusive artist at Kidari Gallery.

Choi Myeong-jin, an expressionist painter who captures human psychology on canvas through freely transformed human forms, expresses inner thoughts and emotions, relationships and communication between people, and the story of human life through the gestures of unusually shaped figures.

최명진_best hugger_162.4 x 130.0 cm_Acrylic on canvas_2023

It deals with the subject implicitly by using words, actions, and surrounding objects. And while the heavily expressed figures in achromatic colors that create rather thick straight lines may seem cold at first glance, her charm is to bring a sense of reversal by infusing warm human nature with stories of relationships and solitude. Her work technique is also unique.

최명진_starting point_45.1 x 53.0 cm_Acrylic on panel_2023

Using her hand like a brush, she applies acrylic paint partially and spreads it to create texture and contrast. Choi Myeong-jin’s 4th solo exhibition REST unfolds the meaning of rest, which is essential in human life, through various stories. It also shows how to heal a tired body by itself from nature or find peace and rest through a gesture of warm consolation received from another being.

최명진_best hugger_90.5 x 90.5 cm_Acrylic on canvas_2023

With such a gesture of consolation, the artist considers human-to-human hugs the best comfort and relaxation, and captures the warm feeling that comes from such expressions on canvas with the ‘best hugger’ series. Artist Choi Myeong-jin, who graduated from the Department of Painting at the Catholic University of Daegu, received the Critic’s Award at the 32nd Korea New Art Fair in 2018, and has been steadily growing as her works have been introduced at Singapore Affordable Art Fair, Daegu Art Fair, BAMA, and Galleries Art Fair. She is one of the representative young artists in the Daegu region who is about to submit her first exhibition at the Kiaf SEOUL event in September.

3-5, Sinseo-ro 21-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, 41067, South Korea