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Experiencing Space through Art : Tranquility and Dynamism

Kong Sung Hun, Guk Dae Ho, Kim Geon Il, Kim Dong Wook, Song Ji Yeon, Yoon Jeong Sun, Lee Manna, Lee Sang Won, Joung Young Ju, Chung Yu Mi

Installation view of ‘Tranquility & Dynamism’_ 1F

Then, how have painters perceived, felt, and captured in their works these diverse spaces that have continuously evolved in our lives? I am interested in how artists view, experience, remember spaces, and sometimes attempt to share or psychologically own them with the viewers.

Installation view of ‘Tranquility & Dynamism’_ 2F

The artists participating in this exhibition visualize their unique perspectives on space, which allows us to draw important topics in art history, through their own experiences and interpretations. In most cases, landscape paintings that deal with space generally focus on realistic records and representations. Therefore, the works of the artists participating in this exhibition naturally have a representational basis. However, rather than direct and hyper-realistic representation, the artists create their works from an aesthetic point of view, keeping in mind the flow of art history and infusing their thoughts into the motifs. As a result, some works include metaphors and symbols or are half-abstracted, revealing contemplative and lyrical sentiments.

Installation view of ‘Tranquility & Dynamism’_ 3F

The artists’ contemplative responses to the spaces in landscape paintings depicting familiar scenes from our living spaces and their gazes that dynamically participate in those scenes sometimes selectively or simultaneously intersect in a dual manner within a single work. The spaces in which we live are neutral environments that we pass by mindlessly, yet they are also the necessary and sufficient conditional elements of life, history, and living. The familiarity and unfamiliarity of scenes that suddenly catch the eye in places like street cafes, rainy streets, and late-night stations act as motives for creation, sometimes evoking lyrical contemplation and immersion, and other times evoking dynamism and vitality in the spaces where we live today. Through the artists’ gazes, the viewers can also experience the spaces in which they live in a reciprocal yet conflicting way.

8, Insa-dong 5-gil, Jongno-gu Seoul, Korea