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The Time We Didn’t Know Each Other

LIM Min Sung

Installation view at Gallery Doll

LIM Min Sung’s painting gives an invisible feeling while preserving the image as it is. Of course, such artistic temperament has been able to continue until now because it presupposes a story created by connecting a person’s life to the world as a whole. Even if the shape is specific, the meaning of the metaphor varies depending on the creator, and the character continues to change, and such a character is also revealed to the current artist. Although nature has been drawn in a clear form, the artist’s work captures a little more of water reflection because he feels a longing for something mysterious.

Where the Light is 빛이 닿는 곳, 194×97cm, oil on linen, 2023

A scene in which observations are repeated by being fascinated by the glistening appearance of light becomes a painting. Through the shape, he tries to change the wave little by little and change the color to know the difference between repetition and change and approach abstraction within the category of the landscape. Realistically draw the creator’s point of view that cannot be fixed. In front of the enormity of nature, the surface of water is pulled out, the color is changed, the mass of light is added, and the harmony chooses the direction of natural flow rather than being concentrated anywhere.

Water Reflection [윤슬], 25.8×17.9cm, oil on linen, 2023

The appearance of a wave means that time passes. Time determines how we exist by combining space with an irreversible property that leads to the past, present, and future as an empirical condition for recognizing the changes of objects. Whether you like it or not, humans are with time. Human emotions, including newness and old customs, flow through their own time. Each moment is imprinted and waves are created by drawing the human mind that feels differently into an artistic object. He feels the changes in the clouds and seasons in the sky, and believes in phenomena that do not seem to be complementary relationships but are intertwined. Nature, the power to reflect on the authenticity of life, is always observed in the artist’s work. In front of its enormity, we are immersed in thoughts as we newly confirm the value system and physical system that humans have built up. It leads us to a quietly solemn atmosphere. Realization leads to reflection to stay in a situation where judgment of right and wrong is made without setting a grand goal. He wants to show his wonder and true sense of life as it is.

Water Reflection [윤슬], 91×60.6cm, oil on linen, 2023

Time had no beginning or purpose in the first place. In the wave of modernization, it became increasingly subdivided and at some point was measured and recorded, and scientific and mechanical time began to flow. The artist’s recent paintings will have nothing to do with this passage of time. It tries to express a mind that only humans have, which is hard to see. It reveals things that cannot be caught and disappear as a form. There are times when things that we wanted to forget in reality come to mind. Even though we are forgotten, we constantly feel and think about memories that come back with emotions. We agonize between what we have to let go and what we have to accept. The idea of ’emptiness’ in Buddhism teaches what to empty. In a very small ultrafine particle world or a world as large as the universe, science finds a vacuum, and the movements of electrons and protons only tell unknown states. Lao-tzu’s ‘dao’ tries to give an answer, but distant thoughts continue to return to questions. Today’s landscape reflects the moment and strangely breaks the boundary between fact and abstraction. It appears in the form of a proof of time.

Gallery Doll
87 Samcheongro, Jongrogu, Seoul
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