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Echoes of Tomorrow: A Journey Through Time and Thought

Lee In Seob, Jeong Hyun Sook, Lee Soo Hong, Yoo Mi Seon, Kwon Hye Jo, Seo Gi Hwan

Installation View at Suppoment Gallery

*Echoes of Tomorrow: A Journey Through Time and Thought* explores human experiences through metaphor and philosophical perspectives. This exhibition brings together six artists to delve into the intricate tapestry of existence from various angles, proposing an intriguing visual journey that transcends the realms of time and consciousness.

These artists delve into the depths of human thought and emotion through their unique artistic styles and interpretations, transcending temporal boundaries to awe or deeply resonate with viewers. From vibrant abstract expressionism to delicate explorations of temporality, each piece will open doors to new understandings and connections for the audience.

Lee In Seob, From nature; The first hint of Thaw, 40.9x53cm, mixed media, 2023

In Lee Inseob’s work, nature emerges effortlessly, almost unintentionally, within the flow of consciousness, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the profound depth of his artistic expression, which uniquely blends Eastern and Western influences while reflecting on the eternal relationship between humans and the natural world.

Yoo Miseon, day, 100x100cm, 장지위에 석채와 은박

Yoo Miseon’s imaginative works, characterized by countless lines, tempt viewers into the deep recesses of the mind, symbolizing the complexities of human thought.

Meanwhile, Jeong Hyunsook’s layered mother-of-pearl artworks provoke contemplation on the fluidity of time, while Kwon Hyejo”s unique brushstrokes gently remind us of the harmony found amidst the chaos of everyday life, where people and urban landscapes merge seamlessly. Her paintings set against backdrops from around the world form bridges transcending culture and memory.

Jeong Hyunsook, Before and After, 60cm x 60cm oil, crystal and Mother of Pearl on Canvas, 2023

Lee Soohong’s sculptures, themed around the proposition “Between Inside and Outside,” use wood as a material to physically express the balance and cyclical nature inherent in nature, prompting reflections on the equilibrium of contrasting forces.

Lastly, Seo Gihwan’s silk-colored works prompt contemplation on the essence of desires harbored within the human psyche, encouraging thoughts on the possibilities of the impending future. Through surrealist imaginings and reflections, Seo Gihwan encapsulates an eternal exploration of understanding and meaning within the ever-changing existence of daily life.

Suppoment Gallery
Sungwoon Bldg. 4F, 41, Sapyeong-daero 22-gil, Seoul, Korea