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The Petrified Dream

Myunggyun You

Installation View of The Petrified Dream at LEE & BAE

The eternal silence of infinite space is regarded as a horizon to give back to insignificant human beings and a phenomenal moment beyond fear and comfort. In order to reach this horizon in the infinite dimension of the universe beyond the scope of nature, LEE & BAE invites artist Myunggyun You, who express his philosophy and insights through artistic expression along with human reflection, to present ‘The Petrified Dream’ from February 13 to April 13, 2024. In front of an overwhelming scale of work, it is enough for visitors to realize the sublime providence of nature and experience a return to time and space in the beginning.

Myunggyun You, The History of Forest B230301, 80.3×116.8cm, Fibers and mixed media on canvas, 2023

After moving to the United States and traveling around numerous states, Myunggyun You tried to capture the scenes with inspirations from various geological environments and natural landscapes. For the artist, the process of creation is process of exploring the unknown world, questioning the potential world of perception, and touching the world of perception through the primitive sensory organs of natural life rather than the unnatural conceptualized world.

127 Jwasuyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Korea (48214)
+82 51 756 2111