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Vivre en Couleurs

Alain Clement

Alain Clément 18OC2P-Paris, 2018, oil on canvas, unique, 46 x 55 cm, signed dated back side

Bode Galerie is very pleased to announce our exhibition VIVRE EN COULEURS with Alain Clément.

Bode Galerie, Alain Clément, “Vivre en Couleurs” Installation view, 2023

Alain Clément visually immerses the viewer in a work of bright colors and abstraction. Nevertheless, the first impression of formalism seems to fade upon close inspection, and organic, recurring forms can be discerned. Despite the initial perceived non-objectivity, the artist’s motifs seem to dwell in figuration, as if the forms had sprung from nature, and thus appear as human-sensual or even floral quotations of our world.

Bode Galerie, Alain Clément, “Vivre en Couleurs” Installation view, 2023

Clément’s search for a formalist pictorial language is not connected with a break with painting that has already passed – on the contrary, it is precisely the confrontation with the artistic heritage of history that is at the heart of his work. Along with his examination of pictorial tradition, Clement traces the theoretical question of flatness and spatial perspective. The artist applies the paint completely two-dimensionally, thus eluding the classical perspective approach to painting. Despite a flat application of paint and without obvious techniques of plasticity, he creates depth and space. Through the superimposition of the surfaces, he creates a pictorial space to be filled and deep.

Alain Clément, 22S5P, 2022, oil on canvas, unique, 162 x 130 cm, signed dated back side

The exhibition presents recent paintings in which the artist on his very own mode of expression combines the figure with the surface and space. As an extension, his figures seem to dance. The rhythmic movement of the dance combines with the play of colors in the composition of the picture – a reminiscence of his great role model Henri Matisse, which at the same time leads to the beginning of a new mode of expression.

Bode Galerie, Alain Clément, “Vivre en Couleurs” Installation view, 2023

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