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Garden of The Illusion

KIM Mira

KIM Mira 낯설고 흔들리는 Unfamiliar and Shaky_91x117cm_acrylic on canvas_2023

The image expressed by KIM Mi-ra is realistic and close to abstract. It has an appearance, but it doesn’t show exactly. The distinction between inside and outside has an unclear boundary, and objects appear in terms of geometry. The charm of the work is the composition that allows you to look inside using transparent spreading colors. The artist presents the shape of plants this time. In order to fill the screen beautifully, the leaves show another color as the lines gather delicately and the colors overlap. Rather than forming space, it appears abstractly on the canvas closer to it.

KIM Mira 손짓들 Gestures 97x130cm_acrylic on canvas_2023

Repeatedly but vaguely, the leaves evoke memories here. It is a material that has been consistently used for a long time, and memory is comprehensive, but clearly sometimes unclear. Although there are colorful colors, the scene is produced with a dreamy feeling. Like the time flowing naturally, the artist draws leaves without any significant conclusion. If the previous works twisted the depth of space and something appeared in a surreal nature like Giorgio de Chirico’s work, the recently discovered plant has a strong realistic feeling. There are hidden things such as covering something with overlapping and intersecting gaze. The shape is used with the emotion that comes one day, but the closer it is, the more it is reminiscent of something else. Just as the charm of modern painting is that there is no certain style, the screen presents the scene on the premise of a layer of paint.

KIM Mira_경계이자 경계 아닌 Boundary and No Boundary_162x 139cm _acrylic on canvas_ 2023

There are expressions that are considered memories, but the reproduction is not well revealed. It is the process of creating representative objects in a calm gaze, and Henri-Louis Bergson’s material and memory presuppose the continuity of time here. It brings back memories of that time, but it develops the flow of time rather than an accurate connection. The memory that comes to mind at the moment is connected to the current psychological state, and wants to be confirmed as a continuous existence.

KIM Mira_적층 Layering_ 162 130cm_ acrylic on canvas_2023

The artist’s plant is a journey back in time, and reconstructed memories become a means of creating one’s own life. The joy of confirming moments through such images made these creative activities by forgetting for a while as proof that life lasts. In a world that is changing faster and faster, humans are bound to conflict between ideals. How much weight will memory take up between these two meanings? It repeats as long as there is life, and maybe it’s the only thing that confirms its existence.

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