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[GALLERIES] Gallery Doll

2022. 5. 6 – 5. 29
AHN Hyun Jung

AHN Hyun-jung’s painting condenses the time and emotions the artist has experienced in form and color. The painting, in which the planes and lines are used in the minimum shape, is free from both formality and content.

AHN Hyun Jung, A Petit Sun by Window, 2022, acrylic on sewn canvas and linen, 45.5×37.9cm

“Finally, I want to give meaning to the artist’s words that create and give certainty for oneself in an uncertain and confusing time. Although the existence of human itself is already uncertain and confusing, the artist needs something certain to pass this uncertain and chaotic time, something like an internal order to hold on to, sometimes even if it is an illusion. It doesn’t seem to be just for the artist. Since we are all living in chaotic times, fearing for the future, something is desperately needed to find stability in our minds. The color and projected delicate expression is perhaps a clear representation of the inner order for an individual who wanted to enter society in another region, not her home country.” – SHIN Hee Won, Gallery Doll curator

Gallery Doll
87 Samcheongro, Jongrogu, Seoul
+82 2 739 1405,6


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