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Into the Dark Green

2023. 6. 14 – 7. 15
Mingyes, Pulrim

Pulrim, Reconstruction series (2023) .Acrylic on canvas , 90.9×72.7cm

Post-Apocalypse in the Urban Jungle

“Into the Dark Green” at Seojung Art presents the works of Mingyes and Pulim, exploring their shared endeavor of cultivating green plant communities within urban settings. This exhibition aims to present viewers with a novel dimension of the urban realm as envisioned by these two artists.

Mingyes, Moss series_1, 2023, mixed yarn,300x300mm

Mingyes showcases the delicate equilibrium of plants growing towards the light through various works, including her signature piece, Association. Meanwhile, her Moss Series portrays the metamorphosis in size and form of proliferating moss, unveiling the ceaseless growth and adaptation of plants within their surrounding environment.

Pulrim, Plant control seris (2023) .Acrylic on canvas, 116.8x91cm

On the other hand, Pulim captures the irregularly scattered leaves of plants, composing them into a rhythmic harmony in her Grass Sea series. In this series, she intertwines images of processed patterns of nature within the urban landscape and questions the authenticity of the nature we encounter.

Mingyes, Moss series_1, 2023, mixed yarn,300x300mm

Mingyes and Pulim, each representing plant communities through tactile and visual patterns, infuse the exhibition space with an uncanny atmosphere, reminiscent of a realm detached from reality. The works of these two artists saturate the intermediate space between the urban center and nature, transforming it into an austere ruin that can be visible behind transparent glass. Their depiction of nature transcends reality and fantasy, forging an alternate dimension that hints at a glance of the post-apocalyptic future.

Pulrim, Plant control seris .(2023) .Acrylic on canvas .72.7×72.7 cm

12, Bongeunsa-ro 47-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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