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Spring in Full Bloom

2023. 5. 11- 5. 21
OH Yong Gil

오용길 69800(봄의기운, 80x170cm, 화선지에 먹과 채색, 2023년작)

Gallery Doll presents by OH Yong-gil who won the 5th Prince Anpyeong Artist Angyeon Foundation Creation Award.

오용길, 가을서정-안동, 92x130cm, 화선지에 먹과 채색, 2020

The artist’s landscape takes advantage of the characteristics of ink and creates his own style of painting that combines western landscape with the brush stroke. Black ink, which is skillfully used with a delicate composition, boasts an emotional and vivid color. The fresh-colors harmonize with the energy of the earth and the brush strokes to create a clear shape, and the color of ink lives and breathes. This sense of vitality is met using Korean paper and brushes and has the power to create a space by expressing delicate and free-spirited receptivity with a sense of restrained drawing. The line drawn by repeating the single line and the dotted line maintains a series of precise detailed descriptions and accurate lines that do not lose the flow of structure and momentum.

오용길, 봄의 기운, 58x73cm, 화선지에 먹과 채색, 2022년작)

The foundation of this drawing ability maintains a unique sense of color, enriching the overall beauty of the Korean paper. Transparency like watercolor still remains through the more beautiful and delicate brush strokes. Its own lyricism and elegance appear.

오용길, 開花(개화)-양귀비, 93x170cm, 화선지에 먹과 채색, 2012년작

A calm and stable space becomes a psychological landscape.

오용길, 봄의 기운, 보곡산의 산벚꽃, 90x117cm, 화선지에 수묵담채, 2017

Gallery Doll
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