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2022. 12. 22 – 2023. 2. 3
Lee Hyosung

As a grand finale of the year 2022, ATELIER AKI presents < Paysage > by artist Lee Hyosung, a return of the master in Monochrome painting after 14 years of his time away from home. Based in Paris for over 20 years, Lee Hyosung has been presenting works that depict the artist’s deep insight and consideration in the question on ‘fundamental of colors’. Creating a new frame of art by carrying out his unique sense of space through depth of color, < Paysage > would present to us a valuable opportunity to explore through the artist’s world of art.

On view from December 22nd to February 3rd, 2023, < Paysage > presents 20 of Lee Hyosung’s new series based of his original shades of color created by his continuous study and experiment. Through repetitive process of stacking hundreds of layers, the exhibitions sheds light on the artist’s creation in a new sense of space on flat canvas, and the originality of Lee’s works beyond limitations of form and concept. Presented with the same title of the exhibition, the Paysage series was developed during the period between 2012 and 2022, representing series of works that encompasses the artist’s unique aspect of visualizing the colors in his lifetime, illustrating into his own subject of art. Accumulating hundreds and thousands of layers of colors, Lee’s works reveal the artist’s action put in creation of the works, and the light between the layers accumulated through repetition creates a spatial distance within the canvas screen.

Lee Hyosung focuses on the process of sublimating materiality and sense of volume to the colors thus transcending into art itself. The artist internally embodies various colors accumulated in life, sublimates into art, and visualizes them on the abstract screen depicted with his unique language. The colors in his paintings are his fundamental attitude towards art and a major element that forms the foundation of the artist’s art world. In particular, the exhibition unveils for the first time a new series that consists of his “new colors,” as well as an existing collection, ‘Paysage’ produced in blue and orange in 2010, which covers Lee Hyosung’s 20 years of work as an artist. This solo exhibition of Lee will be special as is as it sheds light on the submit of his original abstract aesthetics of art built through the materiality and quantity given to colors, while forming a new discourse between his existing works that have expanded the definition of abstract painting and his new works on “new colors.”

Beyond two and three dimensional, Lee Hyosung deeply involves in the relation of surface-depth, materiality, and non-materiality of matière through his monochrome paintings. He had held solo exhibitions at Saint Mande City Hall(France), Saint Mande Auditorium(France), and Hakgojae Gallery(Seoul), also participated in a number of major domestic and international exhibitions such as Bastille Design Center(France), Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo(Monaco), The Montparnasse Museum(France), Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles(USA), and Seoul Arts Center.

Galleria Forêt 1F, 32-14, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seondong-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 464 7710

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