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Thitz solo Exhibition

2022. 9. 14 – 9. 30

AmsterdamBagArtUtopia, 120x140cm, 2022

Thitz views shopping as a means of communication and observes cities from his unique viewpoint to build a characteristic universe, Thitz’s World.

Thitz’s World is imbued with sentiments felt from firsthand experience. For instance, when Thitz depicts a city in his world, viewers who are familiar with the city can easily recall fond memories from his works. But more importantly, Thitz’s works allow those who have never been to the city to take delightful imaginary journeys through the cities. Specifically, this exceptional experience owes to Thitz’s ingenious approach of using the shopping bag as the intermediary of his communication and telling the narrative of places and cities.
“Shopping” requires us to spend what we have, but at the same time, shopping is the way for us to acquire the things we do not have. And while shopping can mean getting the things necessary for us, we also go on shopping to buy things for our loved ones or to remember and celebrate places that gave us fond memories. In other words, shopping naturally invokes a wide range of conversations, and this is why the process of shopping naturally engraves a place into our memories. Also, the elements found in shopping are integral to every city’s character. In this sense, Thitz is the perfect storyteller for remembering and illustrating the scenery of a city — especially for his use of the shopping bag.

BarcelonaTodoconnectadoUtopia, 120x80cm, 2022

Born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Thitz is an artist who takes wholehearted experiences from both historic cities and modern cityscapes and recreates them in their full liveliness and cheerfulness.
Thitz’s unique palette of orange, blue, and green simultaneously merges a city’s lively energy, its air of eruditeness and sentimentality into a single work. Also, the unique texture and visual ornamentation of the collaged shopping bags breathe jolliness and curiosity into Thitz’s World.
The shopping bags, sometimes open to view and sometimes hidden, act as the traveling guides that lead us through the narrative in Thitz’s works and tell us the story of numerous unique cultures from countless cities and countries around the world. Thitz’s collage of shopping bags and usage of bold, brisk lines give his works striking reality and the feeling of firsthand experience. The gigantic plants growing randomly amid his cities add relaxation and vitality to the landscapes and act as the intermediary between Thitz’s work and viewers.

NewYorkManhattanBridgeUtopia, 140x160cm, 2022

Thitz’s works are filled with lively noises and the serene yet clamorous crowdedness that cities all have.
Thitz’s paintings and drawings are always fully packed with various visual elements, just like how lively cities are in real life, but the works feel just as relaxed as someone who was born and raised in the city, and they remind us of how a tourist who begins by visiting various attractions would eventually adapt to the life of the city.

Like a perennial camper always searching for exciting journeys, Thitz’s World is always merry and cheerful.

ParisBagArtUtopie, 140x160cm, 2022

1F, 110, 74 Daebyeon-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, 46079, Busan, Korea
+82 51 742 6596

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