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Kwon Kisoo Solo Exhibition: The Universe in the Golden Eye

2022. 7. 12 – 8. 20

Kwon Kisoo, Universe Forest-Gold, 2022, real gold leaf and acrylic on canvas on board, 227.3×181.8cm

ATELIER AKI will present a solo exhibition < The Universe in the Golden Eye > from July 12 to August 20 by Kwon Kisoo, a multidisciplinary artist who has showcased the modernization of Korean painting and thus established his presence in the contemporary arts. This exhibition is the second Kwon Kisoo solo exhibition to be presented by ATELIER AKI since 2019 that will showcase 20 of his new art pieces focused on the medium of ‘Gold Leaf’.

Since the late 1990s, Kwon Kisoo has created works across various media from painting and sculpture to installations that reinterpret and modernize traditional oriental painting concepts and techniques. By creating Dongguri, the modern icon portraying a person not defined by gender or age, the artist explores how humans live amidst the very complex social interactions present in our world. The smiling face of Donguri is a representation of individuals living in this world wearing a societal mask of laughter and joy that coexist with the sorrows that arise from social relation-ships. Furthermore, to supplement the richness of the character, the artist expands the simplified characterization of the being through selection of strong, bold colors and implementation of various media. In one of his iconic works < Bubbly-a Yellow Boat-Gold > presented in this exhibition, Donguri on a boat reflects the loneliness and ambiguity that individuals feel amidst living in a modern yet void affluence. In regards to his use of media, Kwon does not distinguish between the past and the present. The colored bamboo is an element that is not only prevalent in traditional Korean paintings, symbolizing a life of a societal hermit; but also reflects an environment splashed with skyscrapers in the modern day with its vertical presence. Kwon’s unique cross-pollination of elements of the past and the now emphasizes that the way to continue the techniques of Korean traditional painting is not limited to the use of brush and ink.

Kwon Kisoo, Bubbly-a Yellow Boat-Gold, 2021-2022, real gold leaf and acrylic on canvas on board, 90.9×116.7cm

In this exhibition, Gold Leaf is used as one the most prominent medium for Kwon’s works. The artist elevates the essence of Gold Leaf, which has a strong symbolic meaning that transcends beyond time and place, as a part of his unique panting discourse. Traditionally, Gold Leaf represents sacredness, dignity, nobility, power and wealth. However, in Kwon’s work, the conventional meaning of Gold Leaf is not the crux of his use of the medium. Rather, it is only one of the many media that doesn’t embody a particular message. Kwon does not impose any meaning and attempts to break away from the universal gaze perspective deeply embedded in the audience. The very essence of breaking away from the conventional perspective reveals the artist’s willingness to recognize reality with a new attitude and his mission to continuously question his role as an individual living in our modern society.

Kwon Kisoo, Two Eyes-sky blue, 2021, acrylic on canvas on board, 60x60cm

The artist’s work evolves through and around Donguri. Since 2021, Kwon has presend the ‘Two Eyes’ series that represents the artist’s new transition of perspective through the eyes of Donguri, an essential source of his work. As Kwon’s universe expands to encompass ‘the world through the eyes of Donguri’, his works have also developed a wider and more experimental work spectrum. The sharp cross-sections that arise as a result of cutting the canvas emphasizes the use of primary colors. The vivid use of color is reminiscent of Korean’s monochromatic color use, a result of a labor-intensive work of paining over the canvas via numerous taping techniques. Thus, the colors are one of the most important aspects of his painting that maximizes the value of his work. Kwon’s art, which reflects the lives of individuals in the modern world through his unique interpretation, goes beyond artistic experimentation and creates a relationship with the audience by bringing the audience closer to the world of the canvas. The solo exhibition will be a meaningful opportunity to explore the dense perspective of the artist’s art world and how he has evolved and expanded his universe through his use of various media.

Kwon Kisoo, Untitled, 2022, real gold leaf and acrylic on canvas on board, D.160cm

By creating Dongguri, the modern icon portraying a person not defined by gender or age, Kwon Kisoo showcases the strength of the Korean contemporary art scene by breaking the boundaries between two concepts: East and West, Digital and Analog. Upon receiving his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Hongik University in Oriental Art, Kwon has presented his works at leading overseas institutions, such as Venice Biennale; Busan Biennale; Long Museum, Shanghai; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Asian Art Museum, San Francisco; Mori Art Museum, Japan; Saatchi Gallery, London; Museum of Arts and Design, New York; UN Headquarters, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei; and Today Art Museum, Beijing. In particular, he was selected as a Visiting Professor for the Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence, one of the most prestigious scholarship foundations in the United States in 2015, and was chosen to work with Google for ‘iGoogle Artist Project’ in 2008 and ‘The art of a homepage’ in 2010. The artist’s works are collected in major art institutions globally such as Shanghai Long Museum and San Francisco Asian Art Museum, as well as representative art museums in Korea such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum, Gyeonggi Museum, and Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art.

Kwon Kisoo, Untitled, 2020-2022, acrylic on canvas on board, 78x162cm

1F / B1F Galleria Forêt 32-14, Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, 04769, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 464 7710

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