[GALLERIES] Duarte Sequeira

2022. 4. 9 – 6. 25
Shaina McCoy

Duarte Sequeira is pleased to present Cadillac4, the first solo presentation of Minneapolis-based artist, Shaina McCoy, in Portugal.

Shaina McCoy Cadillac4 Installation view at Duarte Sequeira

The exhibition features McCoy’s newest series of portraits that derive from memories, taken from her family’s photo albums. The paintings are not an archival documentation, but rather stand as memory traces of the original images, scrubbed of their details, balancing between the precipice of familiarity and anonymity and blurring private and public identity.

Shaina McCoy Cadillac4 Installation view at Duarte Sequeira

For Cadillac4, the artist shifts focus on different types of engagements between friends formed within family bonds and her family´s extended chosen family. In search of understanding how people are presented and present themselves, Shaina McCoy looks back to her protagonist’s past and coming of age by highlighting subtle moments of connection, familial intimacy, caring gestures, helping each other and youths bonding in both private and social settings.

Shaina McCoy Friends ’til End, 2022 Oil on canvas 156 x 216 cm

With a signature style of thick, glossy and colorful brush strokes, the artist paints almost featureless faces and withholds the realistic aspect of these images by presenting just enough information in them. In McCoy’s portraits, her signature facelessness is not an erasure but an affirmation. Using the form of portraiture, she ascribes importance to them, granting them permission to take up space.

Shaina McCoy We Real Cool, 2022 Oil on canvas 106 x 80 cm

Shaina Mccoy (b. 1993, Minneapolis, MN) is an artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. McCoy graduated from Minneapolis Community and Technical College with an AA in Fine Art in 2017. Selected exhibitions include BABIES HOLDIN’ BABIES, Stems Gallery, Paris, France (2021); B is for, Stems, Brussels, Belgium (2021); Father, Father, François Ghebaly, Los Angeles, CA (2020); Bread and Butter, Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco, CA (2019); Gold Standard: Ten Year Anniversary Exhibition , Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco, CA (2019); Astral Art Theories , Radisson RED, Minneapolis, MN (2018); 33 Works By 3 Artists, Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco, CA (2018); Now More Than Always (Gimme Gimme the Money Please Please I Want the Money Please) , Gildar Gallery, Denver, CO (2017); OverNorth Part 2, Venture North, Minneapolis, MN (2015); and Rapper’s Delight , City Wide Artists Gallery, Minneapolis, MN (2015).

Shaina McCoy Cadillac4 Installation view at Duarte Sequeira

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