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2021. 2. 23 – 4. 24
Various Artists

Azulejo Gallery holds a permanent exhibition, < ONE-PIECE >, to open the 2021 New Year.

Through this exhibition, Azulejo Gallery will show the works of 10 artists such as paintings, ceramics, and glass media, and introduce works that we can enjoy comfortably at home in the post-corona era to encourage the consumption of artworks.

In this exhibition, you can see paintings by Kang Junyoung, Gary Komarin, and JHU, as well as ceramic objects and tableware by Nightfruiti, Moon Hyeju, Park Yerim, Park hyeuwon, Shin Dain, and glass vase and tableware by Seo Jihye and Yang Yoowan.

Just as one piece is gathered to form a large piece, the exhibition < ONE-PIECE > is interested in the resonation of the works of those who deal with different materials. Through the permanent exhibition < ONE-PIECE >, we hope you can feel both the commonization of art and the aesthetic pleasure that is the pure essence of art.

Azulejo Gallery
19 Samcheong-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 725 6810