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Miyu Yamada, Ziyoung Bang, Erika Mayo

Installation view of Suite, Gallery WOO 

The art exhibition “Suite :: 모음집” at Gallery Woo intertwines diverse artistic voices transcending nationalities, ages, and genders into a unified narrative. Featuring young female artists active in Asia—Miyu Yamada (b.1994/Japan), Bang Ziyoung (b.1989/South Korea), and Erika Alexza B. Mayo (b.1993/Philippines)—the gallery invites viewers to explore contemporary perspectives through the eyes of these women artists.

Miyu Yamada, city, 130.3×116.8cm, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 2024

Miyu Yamada explores the ambiguity of modern society through her work, choosing ‘sand’ as her medium. As a Japanese artist, she investigates the unique sense of floating experienced by contemporary individuals and the coexistence of urban and natural environments in modern society. With a background in law, Yamada contemplates and observes individuals within society from multiple perspectives, portraying a personal yet social view of contemporary life.

Bang Ziyoung, space out, 53×72.7cm, oil on canvas, 2024

Bang Ziyoung depicts scenes that linger in everyday life, capturing changes unfolding within repetitive, seemingly inefficient actions and natural settings on canvas. Despite appearing somewhat lingering, her deliberate use of deep darkness across the canvas forms surfaces and shapes, seeking answers amidst the changes inherent in various environmental shifts. Layering various paints to simplify time and form, she crystallizes contemplations on what constitutes a serene mind.

Erika Mayo, Under Da Saya, 72.7×60.6cm, acrylic on canvas, 2024

Erika Mayo delves into exploring gender and minority issues through her art. Her subjects predominantly feature women figures, embodying both biological femaleness and motherhood, intertwined with her own identity. Her artworks emanate a powerful atmosphere that encompasses mysticism, richness, and irreverence, achieved through primal strokes and a unique technique. Mayo subtly reveals the strength inherent in the physicality of female life, asserting her power as a woman through her distinct artistic approach.


Gallery Woo
1F, 110, 74 Daebyeon-ro, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, 46079, Busan, Republic of Korea
+82 742 6596