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The Shining Shade


Installation view of ‘The Shining Shade’ at Gallery Doll

Brightness and darkness naturally appear in the landscape painted by Park Ji-soo. Rather than conflicting with each other, it mingles with colors and is absorbed, creating an atmosphere. Although it is a representational landscape, everyday life is not easily revealed in the realm of imagination. Repetitions that appear and disappear as a dichotomous distinction is revealed as an element of coexistence are stacked on the screen to form a space. The space created by combining shapes and colors that change slightly and differently is likely to be clear, but the boundaries become unclear. There is a clarity given by nature itself, but if viewed as a structure of circulation, we do not know all that occurs.

A Flowing Field(흐르는 들판), oil on canvas, 224.2x291cm, 2023

The artist’s landscape accepts such character well and settles it on the paper. Rather than the normative gaze, it is expressed differently at the center of the screen as an element that mingles in the personality of trying to bring out invisible things but does not immediately fit. The work “Real Landscape” or the life inclined to a series of still life in a landscape provides a mysterious atmosphere as the inside is more expressed. The inside of the painting is not vivid, but rather it presupposes withering to the end of life. What is seen is concentrated on the sense of life, and dark colors dominate. The content conveyed when the white and gray color, expressed like fog, takes over the space is revealed as a landscape. As oil paintings and traditional materials meet, color becomes more ambiguous due to filling and emptying. Some scenes are mostly black, approaching the fact that they cannot be known by their more free use of forms.

Still-life in Landscapes, 기울어진 생, 장지 위 콩댐, 유채, 45.5x53cm, 2024

She herself may be a person living in the world as a metaphorical space and trying to hold onto things that become unclear. By making the color match in the distinction of coexistence, the problem of compatibility that there cannot be only one side naturally materializes. Reproduction, whose meaning varies depending on where the artist’s perspective is heading, constantly meets something, as in the reason why art has continued. The opinion of boundaries that attracts the invisible imaginary realm from the visible is, in the end, to speak of a posture on how to live life. Nevertheless, the character of having to survive is buried in space. Isn’t it up to each person to try to bring out the gray color by feeling?

Gallery Doll
87 Samcheongro, Jongrogu, Seoul
+82 2 739 1405, 6