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Choi, Moon Seok

12gear 24wings, 200x100x70cm, 알루미늄, 황동, 나무, 깃털, 모터, 2024

Choi Moonseok’s solo exhibition will be held at the Suppoment Gallery from March 14th to April 15th. This exhibition, titled ‘Time Line’, will feature works that reconfigure the basic elements of dot, line, plane, space, and time to create intriguing dynamism and whimsical visual effects. It will be centered around compositions that combine and transform basic movements such as up and down, front and back, rotation, etc., to create a consistent pattern, signifying that everything in the universe consists of particles and waves, with the flow of energy constantly circulating and repeating. This reconfiguration of movement metaphorically encapsulates the interaction between linearly flowing time and the order of motion constantly repeated from a single rotational movement.

Mechanical wave, 90x90x90cm, 나무, 알루미늄, 와이어, 모터, 2024

The works exhibited in this exhibition are the results of contemplations on situations where opposing concepts meet and harmonize at certain points. When concepts that feel diametrically opposite, such as light and darkness, reason and emotion, unhappiness and happiness, become relative to each other, and my state and criteria become ambiguous, I experience a state where boundaries blur and judgment becomes difficult. Such experiences indicate the expansion of our perception and the occurrence of shifts in new perspectives. Moreover, during the creative process, judgments such as big and small, fast and slow, many and few, can fluctuate greatly depending on emotional states and perspectives.

Installation View at Suppoment Gallery

Situations where opposing concepts ultimately meet and harmonize at certain points often occur, resulting in the reversal or alignment of meanings. For example, actions once pursued for the pursuit of human beauty gradually transform into results that approach discomfort, and weapons originally designed solely for destructive purposes evolve into forms of art, presenting paradoxical phenomena. Through this, new questions and perspectives regarding what art is are explored.

In this exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to directly experience Choi Moonseok’s various kinetic art pieces, and large-scale works and new works that are not easily accessible will also be exhibited. We kindly ask for your active participation.

Suppoment Gallery
Sungwoon Bldg. 4F, 41, Sapyeong-daero 22-gil, Seoul, Korea