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SeongYul Park – Life

Seong-Yul Park

Installation View of ‘SeongYul Park – Life’ at GALLERY SOHEON & SOHEON Contemporary

Park Seong-yul once studied in Russia repin school, hometown to realism. Through authenticity and modernity, Park rigorously explores nature and daily life, and then express the findings in his works.

生, 65×65cm, mixed media, 2023

Park talked about realism in his works: “In order to better express oneself, one should carefully observe others”.

Park expresses all the power gained in real time and space into the works through artistic methods, and he is trying to ask questions and find answers.

生, 65×65cm, Oil on canvas, 2023

Especially, in this solo-exhibition, He try to focus on “The nature and living things about us with love”.

He expressed the background of the canvas with stroke lines of several colors abstracting the forest.

生, 162x97cm, oil on canvas, 2024

In his artworks, you can find bee, ant, tiger, lion, beetle, lion,ostrich, and tiger.

Some animals look like so tired and others look like running like crazy in the abstracting forest.

2F, Dongdeokro 18, JungGu, Daegu, ROK
+82 53 426 0621/+82 10 9955 0621