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Taste of Art: Enjoy your art

Dietrich Klinge and Alain Clément will be presented from the Bode Galerie’s program. Other artists in the exhibition are: Yoyo Nasty (Sweden), Shin Sangwook, Won Sungeum  and Jeong Jingyeong

Installation view of Dietrich Klinge at CIAN Museum of Art 

To mark the 20th anniversary of the CIAN Museum of Art in South Korea, it will be showing the group exhibition “Taste of art: Enjoy your art”, curated by Jeong Yeon-jin, in which a discourse between local and international contemporary artists will be shown. The exhibition places a special focus on the diversity and uniqueness of those artistic positions that consider art in our current time and the extent to which they are guided and inspired by art history. Not only is it shown what different forms art can now embody, but the expanded use of new artistic media is also presented. In particular, the interplay of art from different cultural backgrounds shows both the differences and the connections between them. The exhibition is intended to offer visitors an open and accessible path to contemporary art.

The German sculptor Dietrich Klinge and the southern French painter Alain Clément will be presented from the Bode Galerie’s program. Other artists in the exhibition are: Yoyo Nasty (Sweden), Shin Sangwook (Korea), Won Sungeum (Korea) and Jeong Jingyeong (Korea).

Dietrich Klinge, 6tomoé, Bronze casting patinated, 2019, h=86.5cm, signed in cast numbered, 6 Exemplers 

In his work, the artist Dietrich Klinge (*1954, Heiligenstadt, Germany) strives to visualize the diversity of human beings and their bodies. The artist creates the original form of his sculptures from natural wood fragments. As an artist, he recognizes the potential for figural metamorphosis in these individual parts and combines them with human attributes in his studio. The wooden form cast in bronze retains its special feel when immortalized and thus stands in direct contrast between the transience of the earthly and an idea of eternity. The sculptures shown in the exhibition are characterized in particular by their capacity for dialogue, because despite their figurative and human presence, their archaic expression means that they cannot be assigned to any particular cultural group and thus remain open to interpretation. The sculptures show a kind of universality of the human.

Installation View of Alain Clément at CIAN Museum of Art 

Alain Clément’s (*1941, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France) oeuvre is an expression of his deep engagement with the artistic heritage of history and the combination with a contemporary realization. Alongside his study of the pictorial tradition of painting, particularly in France, Clément explores the theoretical question of flatness and spatial perspective. The artist applies the paint in a completely two-dimensional manner, thus eluding the classical perspective approach of painting. Despite a flat application of color and without obvious techniques of plasticity, he creates depth and space.

By superimposing the surfaces, he creates a pictorial space with depth. Despite the initially perceived lack of objects, the artist’s motifs seem to linger in figuration and thus appear as human and sensual quotations from our world.

Alain Clement, 10D4P, Oil on canvas, 2010, 162 x 130 cm, signed dated back side, unique

Both artistic positions show in an impressive, yet completely different way, the connection between the present and the past within contemporary art. Dietrich Klinge depicts the similarity and comprehensiveness of human expression, detached from any cultural suggestion, and visualizes a philosophical equality within humanity. Alain Clément transfers the traditional, art-historical past into a modern context and thus creates new links within contemporary reflection on the past and visualizes a discourse between continuity and reorientation.

Bode Galerie @ CIAN Museum of Art
CIAN Museum of Art, Room 1 (364, Garaesil-ro, Hwasan-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea)