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SeungYoung Kim, JunKun Choi

Seungyoung Kim, 쓸다, 2021, Single channel video and Sound(2분50초)

Art is a means of reflecting reality while also revealing an ideal realm. Therefore, art encompasses not only the present, in which we live and breathe but also unexperienced past and uncharted future. Through the artworks that reflect themselves, artists Seungyoung Kim and Joonkun Choi provide an opportunity to indirectly experience the artist’s time and philosophy.

Seungyoung Kim, 기억, 2019, Single channel video

Seungyoung Kim’s installation artwork evokes the air of autumn. The sound of the early morning sweeping by a monk and the rustling of paper make it even more so. He actively and directly incorporates concrete memories and emotions derived from his experiences into the artwork. The exhibition space also serves as a means of visual perception and acts as a catalyst for awakening.

Junkun Choi, Sea, 2017, China ink on canvas, 150x150cm

Joonkun Choi creates a landscape where the black basalt of Jeju Island is peacefully placed on a white background. As time accumulates in the process of layering one stroke at a time, the artist’s emotions and contemplation are reflected in the artwork, creating a narrative of the space, truly making it a story of emptiness(空). The infinite space within the artwork, devoid of perspective, gains its own vitality and expands into the inner world of the viewer.

Although the formal intersection of the two artists’ works is not pronounced, they both ultimately provide a meditative experience and convey emotional resonance. I hope you can explore and exchange unique experiences at this exhibition.

Junkun Choi, Sea, 2017, China ink on canvas, 150x150cm

7-12, Pyeongchang 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
+82 2 549 0207