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Crossed Eyes

PARK Jun Hyung

Chaosmos#01, 53×33.3cm, oil on canvas, 2023

PARK Jun Hyung paints a feeling that can be recalled as a city. There is also confirmation of the structural arrangement of a well-organized space in appearance, but the artist’s interest is to identify some invisible things in the grandeur. The urban landscape on the canvas is revealed in the process of painting, stacking, erasing, and scratching paint, focusing on painting. The results of observation that cannot show everything are divided scenes and presuppose a horizontal composition. Up and down, draw water or green earth in the center of the screen. It is mysterious that the closer the landscape viewed from afar is to the light and appears in a natural form, the more mysterious it is to know that it is a layer of paint. It is characterized by familiar but unfamiliar drawings as if they are real but not real. It is a beautiful scenery that is organized but close to illusion, harmonizing with nature. The artist enjoys thinking by putting the subject of the city into the landscape. The scenery observed and presented one by one, looking for various meanings hidden by the huge scene, now has time to relax. Although shapes are captured from various angles, including the bird’s eye, the appearance that appears when the movement of the line, which is increasingly flexible, meets the color and blends with the light, creates an urban landscape in the eyes of thought.

Oacity#04, 72.5×72.5cm, oil on canvas, 2023

The artist, who knows that the city is an organic flow and cannot be identified by one individual because it evolves on its own, draws a city through a pictorial experiment. In the increasingly subdivided and well-organized flow of the world, the artist defines the feeling of still not being explained in words about each life as sublime and metaphors it on the screen. He observes reality by recognizing a little primitive feeling, and sometimes an irresistible flow of nature. It is drawn in a landscape where the momentary appearance shines, feeling the gap between disappearance and creation, and with the feeling of the air and wind.

Prism-city hole#04, 91×72.7cm, oil on canvas, 2023

We constantly interact and communicate, but the solitude of modern people from the absence of communication is intensifying. Through the artist’s calm gaze, the scene binds various things to the relationship. The character mingles with the object and makes us observe while maintaining a distance, but the space and gaze that expand as a distance make the visitor predict and expect the following. The moment he painted is a reminder of the disappearances he encountered similarly in a city somewhere. His work is a mixture of things connected to life. It carefully shows that momentarily expressing the time compressed in a limited space from an individual’s point of view is the current painting and is connected to a world that cannot be defined by one’s perspective. The work of “Oacity,” which seeks communication, comfort, and healing, briefly concludes this and suggests us a direction to move forward.

Gallery Doll

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