1920 Memory Theater 《 The Gold Rush 》

[CULTURAL ISSUE] Ilmin Museum of Art

2020.10.8 – 12.27
Kwon Hayoun, MIOON, Lee Yanghee, Cho Sunhee
More than 100 works of the Ilmin’s Collection (Kang Se-hwang, Kim Eun-ho, Kim Whanki, Nam-gwan, Park Seo-bo, Park Sookeun, Jang Wookjin, Chun Kyung-ja etc.)

Kubo, Walks the city 2020, VR installation(10m×6m×3m(h)), Multiplayer, Sound(15min)

1920 Memory Theater 《The Gold Rush》 opens the forum to recreate the forgotten or deleted contemporary events, traveling 100 years of time and space to the 1920s and the 1930s via records in Korea’s civilian media, newspapers and magazines. Participating artists of 1920 Memory Theater 《The Gold Rush》 — MIOON the media artist group, Choreographer Lee Yanghee, VR video animation creator Kwon Hayoun — unveil new artworks in the scale of their own private exhibition based on the expansive research. Three Women (2017), a novel by a novelist Cho Sunhee who reconstructed the narrative of the revolution in the perspective of the New Woman as well as the Socialist Feminists in the 1920s, is materialized into an art exhibit. More than 100 works in the collection of traditional art and modern paintings of the Ilmin’s Collection will be opened to the public in a unique manner. 《The Gold Rush》 will be unfolded in five scenes across the whole exhibition halls of the Ilmin Museum of Art where the traces of the times remain.

MIOON, Fiction Fiction Nonfiction, 2020, Metal Structure(10m×6.5m×2.4m(h)), LED, Sound
Lee Yanghee, Practice No.4, 2020, 2-channel video, 4-channel sound, 4’03’’
Ilmin’s Collection

Ilmin Museum of Art
152 Sejongdaero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 2020 2050


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