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“O” & “X” and Us

2022. 12. 17 – 2023. 2. 11
Junyoung Kang

Installation view, 2GIL29 GALLERY

As the last exhibition of 2022, 2GIL29 GALLERY will be holding <“O” & “X” and us> by Junyoung Kang (b.1979) from December 17th to February 11th. In this exhibition, under the theme of “Family” and “Home,” which penetrate the world of his work, he solves the multi-layered emotions expressed in his autobiographical experience through his formative language and asks serious questions to the audience. Especially, he raises high expectations for the viewers as he will be unveiling works that show his deeper and richer world of art.

Junyoung Kang, When the History of Our Choices Becomes Love (You Are More Beautiful than You Think!) 2022, Oil Painting on Canvas, 130x157cm

The “House,” the basis of this exhibition, is the place where the first relationship of one’s life begins and one’s soil for emotions as it forms complicated emotions in one’s world as complex relations within the family are expressed. In particular, as the artist grew up traveling abroad, the idea of a house is a physical reminder of his grandmother’s arms. As time passed, the artist has now become a father of his family and his childhood memories of his family are recreated through his new perspective.

Junyoung Kang, “O” & “X” and Us (You Are More Beautiful than You Think!), 2022, Oil on wood, 117x91cm

In this way, “home” has turned into a major motif that connects the memories from the past and the present that completes an important role in accommodating the love and fullness felt in the family and community that exists within us. It reminds people who are experiencing generational conflicts within their families and the dissolution of family communities as they enter a modern society that suffers from rapid generational change, while asking questions about their relationship with their families, including the conflicting emotions and frustrations that occur. This extends to social concepts, not just the subject of individual thoughts, and gives each person an opportunity to think.

Junyoung Kang, When the History of Our Choices Becomes Love, Mixed media on paper, 27.5 x 37.5 cm

In particular, the way the artist expresses his own sense of aesthetics is the most noteworthy part of this exhibition. His most intimate emotions are shown through his instant brushwork, leaving careful layers on the canvas. The brushwork that fills the screen by stacking them over time shapes the layers of overlapping memories and the thick matier acquired throughout opens up a field of intuitive sensation for the viewers. Through the question, the artist asks–that triggers a strong question–with his artworks, I hope everyone gets a chance to reflect and think about the definition of family, which might have been demolished after the pandemic and the following accelerated world.

Junyoung Kang, When the History of Our Choices Becomes Love, Oil on wood, 135 x 163 cm

2GIL29 Gallery
Garosu-gil 35, Gangnam-daero 158gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
+82 2 6203 2015