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Issue Maker, Charging Bull

Charging Bull

Issue Maker, Charging Bull

There has been a huge issue in Wall Street because someone has installed the statue called Fearless Girl in front of New York’s Charging Bull on March 7, 2017, without permission. It was the day before International Women’s Day. The sculptor believed that the Fearless Girl statue had the power that a woman can change the world. It depicts a girl four foot high, promoting female empowerment.
Arturo Di Modica, the creator of Charging Bull, immediately held a press conference to request for the removal of the Fearless Girl sculpture. His reason was that the Fearless Girl sculpture was distorting the true meaning of Charging Bull as she violated Charging Bull as her marketing tool.
Arturo Di Modica created the Charging Bull sculpture to provide people’s hope and dream. In 1987 as we know it as Black Monday when the stock market crashed, the entire country was in serious trouble economically including New York. Many people had frustration and doubts about if the country could ever grow back up again. Arturo wanted to encourage them to hope that we could prepare the same as the bull that charges to go forward. Therefore, he installed the Charging Bull sculpture at Bowling Green in Wall Street, Manhattan in 1989.
After its installment, the American economy began to rise and people began to believe that the Charging Bull had something to do with it and it became the symbol of hope, economic recovery, courage, and the stock market instantly. However, the Fearless Girl has distorted the meaning of Charging Bull as if the sculpture was disdaining a woman.
Charging Bull has been brought many issues all the time. Lately, there was a guy who kept smashing the Charging Bull’s head until it cracks because he was dissatisfied with the Trump Administration. Ironically, the artist Arturo himself is an immigrant, and Charging Bull was created to send the message of courage, strength, peace, and love. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how one simple sculpture can change the world when people treat Charging Bull with their diverse thoughts and opinions.
We can look back on the symbolism of Charging Bull through many issues that have been happening before. Ever since its installment in 1989, Charging Bull has been the symbol of New York and many people used the sculpture to cause various issues.
Some people believe that great wealth and blessings will come if they touch Charging Bull’s testicle. Consequently, we get to see numerous people standing in line every day to take a photo of touching Charging Bull’s testicle. Furthermore, it is fascinating anecdotes that stock market financiers in Wall Street touch Charging Bull before they go to work in the morning as a good luck charm.

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