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Healing Forest

2022. 7. 11 – 8.31
Hyunji Park, Ahyun Jeon

Installation View

To contemporary humans, a forest is a space that can be used to rest and recharge. People tend to replenish their energy by going up a mountain, walking through the park, or going on an outing on their day off. But, there is the city as a space contrasting with the forest. People work, enter into some relation, and evolve in the city, but relieve their stress brought on by their urban life in nature, especially the forest.

Where the flow stays 1, 100x100cm, 2022

A key concept in Hyunji Park’s work is ‘memory.’ The motivation of her life is her childhood memories of her time spent in nature. Nature was a great comfort to her as a child. She was often lonely but was comforted by nature. She represents the warmth and relaxation she felt at that time on the wall using a tufting technique. Trees, grasses, and a spring illustrated by weaving thread have a feel different from those in nature, but they are newly created by her hands to have a soft touch like a blanket her mother placed over her as a child.

深山, Mt.Gajisan 80-110-26, W80xD110XH26cm, Resin, Concrete, 2021

Ahyun Jeon tries to represent what she feels in nature in a variety of forms including objects. The DEPTH OF MISTY MOUNTAIN(深山) series is a representation of serenity and repose we can feel in the mountains, capturing the moments she gained comfort from in the mountains shrouded with cloud and mist. She concretely illustrates the outlines of mountains reminiscent of landscape painting, thereby enabling her pieces to be actually used and experienced rather than just seen. Applying deep-distance perspective, an ink wash landscape painting technique, in which one may feel like they are looking down the mountains from the sky, she created works that make the viewer’s eyes look down. Jeon hopes her scenes of mist streaming between the mountains offer consolation to the viewers.

This exhibition is designed to provide viewers with comfort and relaxation through works by the two artists who have worked on the themes of forest and nature. The nature they portrayed is not in imitation of real nature. They capture and depict impressions they have from forests using different materials. All the same, they commonly seek solace and peace in forests and intend to be healed by them. A natural place today has particular significance to urbanites. It is our hope that this art show will serve as a chance to relieve stress through works by the two artists who seek solaced in nature.

Installation View

Seojung Art Busan
3rd Floor,30, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

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