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KIM Hye yeon solo show Lovely & Friendly

2022. 5. 11 – 5. 27
KIM Hyeyeon

In Kim Hye-yeon’s work, the majority of narrative subjects are women. In Kim Hye-yeon’s work, where everyday life is the basis of art, the emergence of a female speaker is considered a natural starting point. Accordingly, in Kim Hye-yeon’s paintings, women can be understood as various types of universal human beings beyond a specific gender.

The girl is one of the main storytellers of Hyeyeon Kim’s paintings. Girls who appear alone or with their peers or animals spend their own time completely without interference or interference from others. The fairy tale-like story of innocent children recalls one day in their sparkling childhood. Objects that cannot be attributed to the innocent children’s world make familiar situations unfamiliar, showing that children are not unadulterated children, but individuals who have become adults but still desire freedom.Kim Hye-yeon’s painting, which embraces both the interface and the gap between reality and fantasy, easily conveys the intention of the work at the level of universal experience and recognition, while at the same time being read again and renewed according to the specificity of the reality each audience is stepping on and the ideal they have in their hearts. Reading is also allowed. In the context of this possibility, Kim Hye-yeon’s present work, imagining the art of expansive becoming rather than the painting of definite being, is read as the last and first chapter of a pictorial narrative towards a utopia of freedom and solidarity.

4, Samseong- ro 147 -gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 543 1663

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