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The Quiet Contemplation of Light

2022. 5. 4 – 5. 31
Mads Christensen

Center of attention, 81.28×81.28cm, 2022

Danish artist Mads Christensen creates an emotional resonance using Light, this intangible medium, giving it form, shape and movement through the fusion of his painterly style and unique color sense along side custom written software and new technologies.

Inspired by the work of James Turrell, Larry Bell and Robert Irwin, the ground breaking artists who established the 1960s art movement, Light and Space in Southern California, Mads has taken the concept of Light as Medium to an entirely new level.

Having majored in electrical engineering and computer science, he uses technology in his own unique way and creates organic experiences with light. His works fuse a unique color sense and movement of light into a unified form through self-assembled circuit board, custom written software and delicately colored LED lights in sophisticated ways.

Coping Mechanism, 137.16 cm, 2022

The artist’s sculptural installations produce a flow of imagery behind acrylic to defuse the technology of their construction that focus on the audience’s contemplatice, mystical experience and visual perception of light. Mads Christensen utilizes technology and its richness in a painterly way.

Christensen has participated in gallery exhibitions and museums in Los Angeles, New York, London and Frankfurt, including being awarded the best light sculpture in Europe. And Mad’s work has been featured in international art fairs and received considerable attention with collectors and museum curators.

Sequence, 86.36 x 228.6 cm, 2022

Through this solo exhibition, Pyo Gallery gives a place for a contemplative and meditative experience of light in an increasingly complex and difficult world.
Our exhibition is in collaboration with Timothy Yarger Fine Art in Beverly Hills, California who represents the artist.

18-4, Jahamun-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 2 543 7337

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