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Borrowed skin

2022. 4. 27 – 5. 22

K.O.N.G. Gallery is holding the exhibition “Borrowed Skin” from April 27 to May 22, featuring the virtual paintings and NFT works of New young Korean artist Tae Kim (born 1986). This exhibition, which runs from London, Seoul and Berlin, is a meaningful place to show the current address of the MZ generation artists who will lead the future of Korean art.
As the online era accelerates due to the corona virus, it tells the reality of modern people with a sense of mental and physical separation between the newly created “I” in the virtual world and the real “I”.

The exhibition is divided into four sections: video, sculpture, painting, and NFT.

“Borrowed Skin” consists of a total of 4 avatars drawn and programmed by the artist. It is a face recognition painting work where the avatars in each screen show their daily movements, and when the audience approaches, their actions, expressions, and mouth shapes are identical to the audience and move. This is an expression of the unity of real people and avatars in virtual space, and it captures the reality of modern people working with multiple personalities by borrowing various avatars.

“Possession Merch” consists of 15 porcelain dolls named by abbreviations used in online games such as “”, “o0o”, and “ㅠ”… Communication with others through the screen in the online space does not provide physical contact or material experience. But people still want to own something for the tactile feel of their hands. By making bisque dolls, the artist tried to satisfy the lack of possession of modern people by providing the act of possessing materials that are impossible in a virtual space.

In addition, four paintings drawn on silk by imagining opponent gamers who have never seen the real face appearing in the “Faceless Gamers” video presented, and a painting created automatically using NFT generation technology, “Combined Self” is also presented. On Friday, May 20, when the offline exhibition ends, three NFT works will be sold for one day through operated by Kakao Talk from 9 am.

38, Samcheongro 7 gil, Jongnogu, SEOUL, KOREA

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