Trans Liquid Project


2021.11.11 – 12.10

Trans Liquid Project

Filling the space in the screen, overflowing flowers and trees move silently. They bloom flowers and fruits in silence, emit scents, quench thirst with dew, and vent impulse with sprouts. Countless touches taken by small brushes describe seeds floating in space for the birth of new life and draw excitement for the unknown being that will soon come into the world.

It uses a pigment made by mixing various materials such as oil, acrylic, ink, and lime. The series, which expresses nature with the effect of spreading pigments, has been steadily working for a long time, named the Trans Liquid Project, and the work number soon becomes the title of the work.

Trans Liquid project 80x80cm Mixed media 202

This work first begins with the creation of individual abstract patterns. Numerous geometric patterns gather and harmonize, creating new forms of nature, and as a result, these non-figural images change into one large spherical image. Flowers and trees of fluid shapes in which these geometric patterns bloom like marbling can be said to be circular symbols of the motherhood that conceive and heal all life. Images that feel like liquid flows represent the movement of life and the cycle of nature, and their free and spontaneous movements convey vital primitive energy.

The landscape appearing in the work is not “a corner of the world,” but a virtual nature created by the mind. By removing nature from reality and giving it a new form, it has moved to a virtual world. It describes nature recreated in subjective notions, not realistic representation of nature.

Artistic fantasy purifies and advocates life instead of letting people escape from reality. Art provides a tent of welcome to humans, not to hide the tragic reality, but to allow humans to inspire value and praise ordinary objects. After all, life is possible thanks to the fantasy of art.

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