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Like a Blossom


Installation View, Rala Choi, Like a Blossom, Courtsy of the Artist and AlzuetaGallery.

After his For the first time in Spain, Alzueta Gallery is thrilled  to present the debut solo exhibition by South Korean artist  Rala Choi, titled Like a Blossom. The exhibition runs from  June 25th to July 27th and offers an exclusive look into  Choi’s latest body of work.

Born in Gimhae, South Korea, in 1987, Rala Choi has made  a name for himself with his passionate work that strives to  capture raw emotions and study the intricate relationships  between individuals. In Like a Blossom, Choi continues this  exploration, presenting a series of photographs that weave  an impassioned narrative, inviting the observer into an  intimate journey of a romantic relationship.

After his solo presentation at Alzueta Gallery Turó in  September 2023, Like a Blossom takes us through the stages  of a romantic relationship, depicted in a theatrical format  with four distinct phases: flowers, ecstasy, intimacy, and  reapproach. Each phase represents a different stage in the  evolution of a love affair, capturing the highs and lows, the  passion, the conflict, and ultimately, the resolution.

Installation View, Rala Choi, Like a Blossom, Courtsy of the Artist and AlzuetaGallery.

Phases of the Exhibition

First phase: flowers

The journey begins with “Emotions Training,” a series of medium-sized photographs of flowers in a colorful manner, almost like portraits of colors growing and  intertwining like vines. These vibrant images symbolize  the budding stages of love, where emotions are fresh and  blossoming. Three pieces in this phase represent the initial sparks of affection, similar to small blossoms growing into a flourishing bouquet.

Second phase: ecstasy

This phase includes three previous works by Choi, showcasing moments of euphoric companionship. The  photographs capture the essence of joy, movement, and the  mutual growth that comes from shared experiences. They reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of a relationship during its peak of happiness.

Installation View, Rala Choi, Like a Blossom, Courtsy of the Artist and AlzuetaGallery.

Third phase: intimacy

Intimacy explores the deeper connection between two souls, highlighting tenderness, reliability, and understanding. The works in this phase also hint at the friction that can arise  from closeness, presenting love in its most dramatic form. This phase emphasizes the fine line between tenderness and conflict within a relationship.

Fourth phase: reapproach

The final phase depicts the bittersweet moments following conflict, where distance and closeness intertwine. The photographs show lovers closing the gap between them, finding each other once again. This phase concludes the narrative with a sense of resolution and unity, leaving the audience with a poignant reflection on the cyclical nature of love.

Installation View, Rala Choi, Like a Blossom, Courtsy of the Artist and AlzuetaGallery.

Rala Choi’s Like a Blossom is a compelling visual journey through the emotional landscapes of a romantic relationship, portrayed with sensitivity and artistic precision. Choi’s dedication to analogue photography shows itself not only through the use of a large format camera with polaroid film and vintage lens, but is also apparent in the applied gum print technique (bichromate gum). This unique approach further enhances the pictorial expression in his works, infusing them with an extra layer of depth and emotion. 


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