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LEE Won Kyung

Installation View of ‘Today’ at Gallery Doll

In Lee Won-kyung’s sculpture, the perspective of ‘today’ is revealed. A colored person inside a transparent acrylic box layers with objects and shows a clear appearance. At the same time, having an abstract aspect naturally includes the passage of time as the day repeats. The main theme of the artist’s work is the story of what appears and disappears in coexistence that repeated yesterday became now. The overlapping shape given by making acrylic a silhouette is a continuous coincidence and inevitability. The appearance of reflecting from various angles goes well with the space and stimulates imagination, and the relief is as solid as the artist’s long time career. Sometimes she accepts scratches as they are, but there is a desire for the artist to show this as well. As a sculptor, it is natural to deal with characters, and to treat objects as physical properties means that there was an effort of anguish and consideration. Completing the shape is not simply a matter of expression, but the artist’s life. It naturally metaphors thoughts and emotions from reality through work. If it’s a topic, it’s a matter of thinking about what makes people live. Each is different and in a relationship, it is a story when each hope changes into desire.

무한의 빛 The Infinite Light 51.6×51.6×24.5cm 아크릴 Acrylic, 2023

When each connection meets in one space, the artist wants to find something that disappears even though it cannot show everything. What a long time has passed. Works have been transformed as sculptors until coming to the work of simple relief. A huge person is put in the air, and a space where the person and object match is created as an installation, and the reduced characters are put in a situation. Things become works when existence, absence, and mental things meet physical things. It is sensitively captured in the passage of time. Wax and acrylic as physical properties are proof, and the artist will continue to check certain things in the future.

오늘 III Today III 51.6×71.6×16.5cm 아크릴 Acrylic, 2023

Here, a character shows an attitude toward living life rather than a portrait. This is how being placed as a relationship develops based on time. There are things that let go of living with problems in reality, and it includes a mindset to vigorously accept a new day. The transparent acrylic figure is like a portrait of a modern person. It shows characters who are both good and have a hidden one like a layer as a relief. The side formed by the unexpected overlap also brings unexpected results.

일상 The Daily Life 51.6×61.6×16.5cm 아크릴 Acrylic, 2023

Aristotle spoke of his thoughts as an example of a distinction between animals in characteristics that only humans have, but humans are no different from animals. The emotions that come from life unknowingly exert their raw power. The attitude to live, which comes from instinct and control with reason, supports our life. Cravings are obvious, but there are times when they come and go. What should you accept and what should you throw away? What is the power to make us live? Continuous questions are also what the artist asks as sculptures.

Gallery Doll
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