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Ground and Sex

Rintaro Fuse

Installation View of ‘Ground and Sex’

Fuse Rintaro, born in 1994, creates paintings and video works that manifest the transformation of consciousness and sense of discomfort that are not visualized but are real, such as the perception and customs of people living in the rapidly diffusing media environment since the launch of the iPhone, the distance between society and people, and the state of communication. Fuse is one of the most remarkable artists of his generation, who not only creates artworks but also writes critiques and poems, organizes exhibitions, and produces websites.

Kuniumi (birth), 2024, Inkjet Prints, 227×158mm

In 2020, he held an online exhibition, “ITCCC – Isolation Type Close Contact Chamber” (a web page that can only be accessed by one person at a time), “Dead Corpse” at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, and in 2023, “The Manifest of Isolators” at SNOW Contemporary. In the same year, he released his first book of poetry, “Tears Catalog,” which is a compilation of his previous works and includes many new pieces based on the theme of “tears,” and his book “How to Write a Love Letter,” which thoroughly explored “being two people” as an artist living in the present. He also participated in the group exhibition “Does the Future Sleep Here? ” (National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo) with a new installation this year.

Retina Painting, 2021, Spray paint on wooden panel, 410×410×20mm

In this exhibition, “Ground and Sex,” Fuse attempts to confront themes full of contrasts and contradictions. In the past, Fuse presented many works on how people interact and communicate with each other, and this time he will deal with a wide range of themes, from humans, living creatures, and mythology to contemporary society, in a multilayered manner. For this exhibition, Fuse has chosen the Kaiho (an artificial fortress with gun emplacements) as the subject of his thinking and is exercising his thoughts and imagination on the events, sacrifices, and products that have occurred over the years. Through the video works, two-dimensional works, and objects to be exhibited, Fuse attempts to face the inherited myths and events of the past while attempting to inscribe a sense unique to the present age into history for the future.

We cordially invite all to this exhibition, “Ground and Sex,” which features Fuse’s new attempts.

SNOW Contemporary
404 Hayano Bldg. 2-13-12 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 106-0031
+81 (0)3-6427-2511