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Younghwan PARK

Installation View of ‘WHITE’

The 2024 for Emerging Young Artists selected Younghwan Park, born in 1998, as this year’s recipient. Despite recently graduating from Busan National University with a major in Korean painting in February of this year, Younghwan Park has already embarked on the path of a professional artist. His works demonstrate a high level of completion and storytelling ambitions, showcasing his depth of skill and potential.

짙고 희던 순간의 끝에서, 2024, 한지에 먹,144x204cm

The artist shapes the linear flow of ‘time’ into the form of a sphere, where changes in the brightness of the sphere represent shifts in perspective, altering the clarity of personal experiences and memories. Spheres with low brightness, like deep black, symbolize present life and vivid experiences, while higher brightness indicates fading memories, emotions, and past actions, eventually leading to oblivion, suggested by a white sphere representing death.

지나기 전엔 알지 못했던, 2024, 한지에 먹, 116.8×80.3cm(50P)

Within the artist’s works, viewers adopt a perspective of looking from inside out through a window. The hazy spheres positioned in the landscape outside the window represent faded memories, forgotten recollections, and fleeting emotions from past experiences, resembling traces of life’s journey. Accumulating or falling snow covers this scenery, adding a layer of depth to the scene.

멀고 가까운 기억을 지피며, 2024, 한지에 먹, 50×72.7cm(20M)

By visually portraying abstract concepts such as ‘time,’ ‘experience,’ ‘memory,’ and ’emotion’ through the forms of ‘window’ and ‘sphere,’ the artist divides linear time and acquired experiences, contemplating the direction to pursue through continuous self-objectification. Within the space invited by the young artist’s canvas, viewers project their lives onto tangible landscapes, engaging in contemplation.
Jeongwon KIM (Gallery MAC)

2F, 162 Dalmaji-gil117beonna-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, 48115, South Korea

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